KeshawnTheKing “Backyard”

By: Carrick Wenke

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Continuing with the bless of his #WeeklyDropFridays trend, KeshawnTheKing celebrates a career highlight of opening for Seattle legend Sam Lachow, with dropping “Backyard”. Keshawn has proven to us with these recent drops that he showcases a very energetic, distorted vibe to his music (as well as onstage), and “Backyard” proves he can switch it up and give us a breather. Exclaiming “put the diamonds round my neck let me live like a star, I ain’t underground I’m just in the backyard”, you can tell he’s got the motivation it takes to go far.

The song has more of a up beat singing vibe compared to some of your recent drops, was this one made just in time for the summer being right around the corner?

Yes but no. I make various types of music. I could be on my upbeat vibe and switch up on everybody with something harder.

What does the “Backyard” represent?

A lot of people use the term “underground” as a way to describe where somebody is in their music career. I was stating that “I’m not underground, I’m in the backyard”. I’m ground-level, I’m in the scene but behind the scenes.

Recently you opened for Seattle legend Sam  Lachow, how was the show and experience for you?
We sold the show out, everybody enjoyed themselves, and we got the response we wanted. I got the chance to show people what I’m truly capable with none other than MURKTHERULER himself. The bigger the shows, the better.

What’s next for KeshawnTheKing?
I’m moving down to LA in a few months for a year with my good friend. On another note, there’s gonna be more #WeeklyDropFriday & more shows. Something in the works about visuals.

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