KESHAWNTheKING Returns To Seattle With Parter Murk The Ruler For “Hold Me Back” Visuals

By: Carrick Wenke


As I stated previously in their “Underground Hype” interview back in June, Keshawn The King & Murk The Ruler are such a fantastic duo that feeds perfectly off of each other both on the mic and off. Needless to say when Keshawn moved out of Seattle to pursue music in a different manner, I was hoping that we hadn’t seen the last of KeshawnxMurk. The two spent the majority of 2017 dropping gems together, “My Last Game”, the live anthem “Fuck It Up”, and the song that’s become their hit of sorts, “Hold Me Back”. All classics in my opinion. Keshawn returned to Seattle not long ago and finished the visuals for “Hold Me Back” with Murk which features Murk himself on the shot/edit. Opening Jonah Hill’s famous “She want’s to fuck me…” spiel from Superbad, the visuals kick into chaos where Murk & Keshawn appear to be stuck inside a video game and proves to be one of the most creative videos I’ve seen to close out 2017. Sometimes these guys remind me of Bill & Ted..



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