Knwhr “Alamo Sea” EP


FUTUREKINGS (or KNGS) is a France based collective founded in 2014 by two friends, Hx_ & Knwhr. (pronunced “knowhere”) Fluctuating between electronic music, hip-hop and ambient, the aim of the collective is to develop a strong aesthetic and a recognizable sound identity.

In 2015, they released their first mixtape, drafts_vol1. In the meantime, the first EP of Hx_ & Knwhr., Backwards Movies, was released on Bandcamp. With more than 5000 listeners, these two releases act as some kind of artistic statement for the collective as a whole.

Recently, Hx_ scored a modern art exhibition, Utopia, as part of the festival Les Pluriels. FUTUREKINGS did support the up and coming producer Petit Biscuit when he played a sold-out show in Le 106 at Rouen in front of 1300 people.

This october, the third release of the collective will be a solo EP from Knwhr., one of the founding member of KNGS. His work is at the crossroads between sample-based hip-hop, beats, IDM and ambient.

Alamo Sea presents the oneiric vision of Knwhr. Whether it’s with an old broken sampler or with a computer, Knwhr. shows off his skills and his taste for abstract music. This short EP allows you to discover his universe, and thus a part of FUTUREKINGS’ universe.

Artist Name: Knwhr
Location: Rouen, France
Facebook: Future.KNGS

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