Kris Kasanova “The Great Escape” Mini Doc

Brooklyn bred MC Kris Kasanova takes us along as he journeys through “The Great Escape”.

Sum up The Great Escape Mini Documentary in one sentence.
The Doc was just something me and Phillyk did to show the other side of me and who I am.

How did the idea come about creating this documentary?
The Doc came from PhillyK. He called me and said he wanted to shoot and I just gave him the story to make it come alive. Was good work on all sides.

Why was it important to share this with the world?
I feel like artist only show you want they glamorize and not really who they are. The Doc was a reflection of my project The Great Escape and was just personal to me.

Enjoy the Doc above and make sure to also give the album The Great Escape a listen here.

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