L.E.X. “Troubl3man”

Screen Shot 2017-01-27 at 8.07.59 PML.E.X. may be a familiar name to those who’ve recently visited our Black Market section (for those who haven’t, shame on you), but consider this a formal introduction to the up and coming MC. He just dropped a new smooth track “Troubl3man” and tells us all about it below.

Who is L.E.X.?
I’m rapper hailing from Prentiss, Mississippi but I also spent a lot of my childhood in Ontario, California. I’m coming with a chill & bouncy beat behind me to share my aggressive flow. Watch out for me.

You’re originally from Mississippi, what brought you to Washington State?
Family. My Mom lives up here and told me this could be a fresh new start for myself.

Define “Troubl3man”
“Troubl3man” is a tribute to my favorite rapper, T.I.. The song is from his track “Ride With Me” off his album “King”. That album made me love T.I. forever so my take on the record was just you taking a ride with a boy that has no problem telling you how I’m feeling about myself, while still informing that change starts with yourself first.

Who produced this track?
C’Mar and Mixed & Mastered by Sendai Mike.

What do you have coming up next?
My debut EP is set to drop this year, and right now I’m just building my fan base and getting acquainted with the Seattle/Tacoma scene.

Find L.E.X. on the webs:
Twitter: @Lexraps
Instagram: @Lexraps

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