Lante’ restores the feeling with his new project + accompanies with new visuals

By: Carrick Wenke

Originally introduced to my ears by camera ace Alex Alexander, or Lexscope, Lante’ brings a refreshing sound to todays music landscape. Back in May he dropped a big project in Restore The Feelin’ which is his way of “restoring the feeling in Hip-Hop” if you will. From the first track “Feel Me” to the immediate next track, my favorite on the project “Kill”, Lante’ envokes the same kind of vibe as classic-era Dom to me. It’s only right that Lexscope was the one who put me onto Lante’ as he actually worked with him on the visuals for the track “Feel Me”, which features clean color corrections and aesthetically intriguing rural shots. 

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What doest the title of your project Restore The Feelin’ signify to you?
The title signifies bringing back a feeling of Hip-Hop that I miss. Taking me back to the time I fell in love with Hip Hop. Relatable, soulful, meaningful…

There’s many different aspects to the cover, who designed it and what was the message behind the graphics?
I found this guy off Instagram name Josh Parkin from the UK, very dope artist. I wanted the cover to be kinda like a nostalgic collage representing me in a unique way. For example the gold chain with the name DeeDee is actually a chain my Mom wore in the 90’s. The red drop top is a Cadillac Allante which is the car I’m named after, and the guy in the red jacket is my cousin who passed away when I was a kid, whom I looked up to. He was always smooth, fresh, and kept shit authentic.

What was your favorite track to make that meant the most to you and why?
Man, that’s a tough question. They all mean a lot to me but it would probably have to be “What’s The Move” or “Neva Learn”. “What’s The Move” is a true story about a time when I was down and out and sick of my 9-5 and started tryna flip packs. It takes the listener through the reality of tryna sell drugs and the other side of it, which was very short lived for me (laughs). “Neva Learn” welcomes the listener a little deeper into my personal life about my problems with women.

What was the experience working with Lexscope on the visuals for “Feel Me”?
It was dope!! What made it dope was the fact that we been homies for a little while which made the process natural and organic. He also understood how important it was for the video to be completely authentic. We work really good together and respect each others craft.

The setting for the video had almost a rural look to it. Where was the filming location and how did you guys pinpoint it?
The locations were everywhere, but mostly Issaquah and Puyallup. I wanted the whole vibe for the video to be authentic, I stress that word a lot because keeping shit authentic is the only way my music is, very real. My visuals have to relay that message. Two of the three locations in Puyallup I picked and the open field in Issaquah was Lex’s idea. The rooftop came out of nowhere, just being spontaneous and creative.

Who would you like to thank for helping with the project?
First and foremost I wanna thank God. Gotta thank my homie Detroit for showing me the beauty in the struggle. Gotta thank my Mom for being tough on me since a youngin’. I gotta thank my engineer Lincoln, my bro Rico for taking them trips to the studio with me, letting me know if shit was trash. My homies Mike and Mac for riding with since freestyling in the Pathfinder. Gotta thank my big brother who always pick up the phone everytime I had some new shit to spit. Gotta thank the homie Mexi Jake for believing in me from the jump. Gotta thank Lexscope for the video and the encouragement. Gotta thank Li for more things than I care to say. My brother Fame, may you rest in peace. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you. And last but not least my first love, Hip-Hop.

Instagram: @Lante_

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