MCC Rant: Your Artwork is Crap!


For me, my first impression for new artist a majority of the time will be their artwork. When they submit their music, send me a link, or I see it featured on a blog, it’s always going to be the first thing I see from this new artist. This is exactly why I think it’s so important to have quality artwork. It’s so weird now because this generation coming up has embodied somewhat of a “we don’t care” attitude. They don’t care about mixing their music, they don’t care about context, and they damn sure don’t care about artwork, so some think it’s “cool” to have some shitty artwork, but I feel that’s bullshit. There’s a way to have “shitty” artwork look aesthetically cool, and then there’s just shitty artwork, which I see 60% of the time from new artist.

What’s crazy is it’s not that hard to get some decent artwork. Just like being a rapper, everyone also a “graphic designer”, and some are actually pretty dope. You just have to find them and be open to working and building with them. There are also sites like Fiverr that allow you to hire someone to do your graphics starting at just $5. We just live in a world where talent is at an all time high, so whack work is uncalled for.

Here is my advice to you is summed up:

-Enough with the phone graphics! & don’t ever in your life use a screen shot of an image on your phone or video as your artwork! That’s just tacky!

-If it’s just a loose track, or a small single, you don’t have to go all out. A simple one color background with text can do the trick. Less is more!

-For projects, like albums and EPs, it’s wise to invest a little more time and effort since it’s more of a body of work.

-Seek graphic designers who are like you, up and coming. You don’t have to hire the $75 artwork dude to get something dope, the $30 dude coming up could be just as dope, and could use your money too.

-Really look at your artwork. Put yourself in other people’s shoes and be real with yourself. Take a second and think “Is this really dope, or am I just settling because I’m lazy?”

-High resolution is key. Your artwork should never be under 600px.

I hope some of you find this advice useful! I’ll be back in 2 weeks with another rant. Make sure you’re following us on Facebook to catch me live, and for other super dope content.

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