#MCCPartyAlumni: Romaro Franceswa

By: Carrick Wenke

For the past two years the MCC Anniversary parties have been great for not only capping off and celebrating the previous year, but walking into the new year in strides with some of the cities dopest artists that we believe are well on their way to prospering. It has been a great way to introduce new talent to different spectrums of fans as well, and MCC 3 Year Anniversary performer, Romaro Fransceswa looks back on his experience performing, and who to look forward to performing at the 5 Year anniversary on Sunday 1/17.


Romaro performing at the MCC 3 Year Party in 2014


What was your experience like playing the MCC 3 year anniversary party?

My experience at MCC’s 3 year was fun, got to meet a lot of the gatekeepers of Seattle hip hop while gaining a fan basis in the beginning stages of my career.. Casey always takes care of the artist and makes sure it’s a party.

Why should everyone go to the MCC 5 year anniversary party this year?

People should go to find out what might be coming out of the city next and to have a good time listening to dope artists that are from your city.

Who are you most looking forward to seeing this year at the 5 year party?

I’m excited to see Jay Morrison and Dex Amora, those my guys.


And be sure to mark your calendars for the MCC 5 Year Anniversary, Sunday January 17th


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