Mo$ breaks the internet with new video, “GWOP” 🍎

By: Carrick Wenke

Screen Shot 2017-08-20 at 2.14.55 PM

Mo$ officially took over as thee dude in Seattle with the release of the “Gwop” visuals. Mo$ never disappoints with a release, and always makes a considerable achievement when it comes to directing and pairing up the visuals with his songs, but he took it to a whole new level with “Gwop”. From the beginning with Mo walking into his room to take a nap, to various voices declaring “Did you hear what happened to Mo$? He moved out. Big cars, big mansion,…” to him officially waking up in a mansion and stepping out to be surrounded by beamers and his FTB cohorts while throwing money around, Mo really made another MTV worthy video with this one. Teaming up with production company Rogue Ego, and most specifically Dawson Knight on the visuals, this was a step in the right direction to solidify these two as top mention individuals when discussing their craft.


If you know anything about Mo$ and have been following him to this point you know the mixture of his stage presence, undeniable style, and witty sense of humor leaves you as a witness of a stupefying energy that not many other people can say they are tapped in to. With the summer coming to a close and Mo hailing plenty of nice (nice, niceeeeee) titles under his belt including countless dope singles, prestigious live appearances (Upstream, Toe Jam), and now running up 630,000 plays on “Gwop” in just a few days, it’s safe to say Mo has locked in the rest of 2017 as his.

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