Mr. Hi-Def “Attached”

Seattle’s own Mr. Hi Def brings us another thoughtful track, kind of reminiscent of Life Changes era Casey Veggies. In “Attached”, Hi Def spills his trials and tribulations about a subject we’re all familiar with, relationships, and hardships artists face when building their dream with a significant other by their side. Joined by singer Jehrad Kimble and his incessant chorus, “Think I been working baby, you don’t know the half of it”. Often times artists are misunderstood with their dreams, but don’t be too “attached” to them immediately, their hard work will pay off eventually. 

1. What inspired this new track?
There were girls I just thought were attractive and fun to hang out with, and there would be girls who I really thought were girlfriend material, but music was always something I had to put on the back burner. In some cases I was okay taking time away from music to spend time with them to build a relationship, and there were some cases where I was wasting my time because we weren’t invested enough emotionally. All in all, most of the girls I had feelings for didn’t understand how much music means to me, nor did they understand how much time and energy is required to make things happen. So “Attached” is pretty much a song about how at this point in my life we can have fun and enjoy each others company, but you can’t have all my time because I’m still finding myself and I’m dedicated to working towards my goals so don’t get too attached because I’m not always gonna be there.

2. How did you team up with Jehrad Kimble?
I track a majority of my music with Milo Eubank over at Durden Studios in Lake Stevens. He has a band and Jehrad is the lead vocalist. Jehrad was always a cool down to earth guy and I remember being blown away by his vocal range and ability when Milo would show my friend/business partner Joshua Stanford & I their singles or covers. I got my hands on the instrumental for “Attached” and I instantly heard Jehrad on the hook. All I did is hit him up, send the track, and he wrote the hook. Booked a studio session and recorded the whole song. Mind you, this is in 2014. After getting that first mix, I had re-written my verses 3 times, and re-tracked them 2 different times. Held onto the record for over 2 years before releasing it to the public. It’s here now and its getting the reception I knew it would from the jump. Very Blessed. S/O to Jehrad for getting on the song, thanks to Milo for tracking/mixing it, and thank you to my homie Jay Battle aka Qreepz for mastering it. Gotta thank The Blow Up Team for posting it too!

3. What is your one piece of advice you have for the ladies out there dating an entertainer?
I’m feeling generous. I’ll share 3 pieces of advice. All I’d ever ask for is a female with patience/understanding, interest in my music & aware of my goals, and having dreams/goals of her own. If a girl has those 3 things down on lock, we can conquer the world together. Why? because I’d be rooting for her too. We’d be unstoppable.

4. And what advice do you have for the entertainer?
For the entertainers out there, just stay ready. Stay ready so you don’t have to get ready. There is so much opportunity out there and a lot of situations you have to be prepared for. If you’re put on the spot, you have to make a great impression or you can miss out on a move just like that. The come up is stressful, but its beautiful. I love it.

5. What’s next in 2017 for MR. HI-DEF?
Going to promo “Attached” for a couple months. I’ll be releasing big singles with some really dope artists/producers i’ve been blessed to work with. I’m not going to speak on the music too much because I want that to speak for itself. The surprise factor is a key element for me personally. I want all my drops to be important, and I want my audience to anticipate whatever i’m releasing next. I will say this though. I’ll be doing a big show in LA this Spring/Summer. Mini vacation while networking as much as possible too. I have a bunch of things going on in 2017, but you’ll just have to wait and see! Shoutout to everyone who repping that 100K LIFESTYLE!

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