Mr. Hi-Def “The Return”

By: Carrick Wenke


Coming back after a short break, Mr. Hi-Def is back with the appropriately titled track, “The Return”. Stating just recently on his social media, Mr. Hi-Def wants everyone to get ready for ‘HD SZN’ and is kicking it off with this take-no-prisoners track, capping off the season with his next mixtape HD SZN 17.

You’ve stated that the track is appropriately titled “The Return” as it is the start of ‘HD SZN’. What made you decide to take a short break and get back into the game?
Great question, I’m glad you asked me this. Last year was a successful year networking wise in retrospect, but I didn’t put out as much content as I wanted to. There was a lot of things going on all at once, so it affected the music. Now that I’ve taken the time to clear my mind and focus on me only, It clearly improved my sound. I feel like I’m a better songwriter, my flow is more polished, and I just feel hungry again. March is my Birthday month, so I call it ‘HD SZN’. I also drop a bunch of music around this time too. I’m back fam, “The Return” is now.

Recently marked the 2 year anniversary of your debut live performance opening for Curren$y. Looking back how would you say you feel about your growth and display in artistry between now and then?
2 years might not seem like a very long time, but when you’re consistently working hard towards your goals, it’s astonishing how far you can go. That particular show opened up many doors and many eyes. Before that show I had a popular mixtape called SESSIONS II (which is available on my website) and that was cool. But the Curren$y show exposed me and my brand to hella people & led to many more shows, I met a lot of dope artists,  linked with respected producers, got to hang around the best DJ’s in Seattle and all that just by performing that 20 min set. Don’t wanna sound corny, but these are the things we dream about as artists.  I’m seeing these things slowly come to fruition. I know I’m going to make it big. I know I have something people need to hear. So I put all my money and time into my hustle and now I’m here rocking with The Blow Up. Super blessed to have my music on this platform.

“The Return” is the lead off single for an up coming project, what can we expect to see from Mr Hi Def next and what are we in store for with the project?
Yes, “The Return” is a freebie track for all my supporters. It will be on this years “HD SZN 17” mixtape. I’ll be releasing tracks on my SoundCloud/website randomly until I feel like putting the tape out. As far as everything else I have planned, I plead the fif! *Dave Chappelle voice*. All I can say is, I’m not going to put all this hard work in and not have a grand finale! It’s going to be a great year PERIOD. Cheers to success. Let’s get it!

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