NW Producer Anvil teams up with Left Brain on “Mind Gone Vol.1”

By: Carrick Wenke

So a couple years ago I did a 7 Slaps in the Sack episode with Left Brain, Mike G, and LDOG from Mind Gone, and it was I believe the same night that my good bahdi Anvil met Left Brain and first traded info with him that ignited a beautiful partnership that has now gained one of their collabs a spot on the long awaited Mind Gone Vol. 1 album. I recently spoke with Anvil a bit about how the track came into fruition and what it was like working with Left and what the rest of the summer has in store for him. 

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You just produced “Real Friends” with Left Brain on the Mind Gone Vol. 1 album. It’s roughly 2 years in the making, how did you first link up with Mind Gone and Left?
So we actually talked about it in my first interview ever, where we discussed how it was in the making. The first beat me and Left made was like 2 years ago, but me and him have like 10 beats now. This one we put on the Mind Gone tape actually had a pretty crazy little twist. It wasn’t like we planned on the shit, it just happened. So basically Left sent me a sample with the keys and two snares, that was it. It was two synths and a snare. He had sent it at like midnight, and I had already passed out that night because I was hella tired because it was the night I got back from a show. I think it was actually the Fat Nick show I did, the Fat Nick/Lil Peep show. He had sent it and as soon as I woke up in the morning I heard the sample and instantly I made the beat. I added what I had to add and it kinda just went from there. I sent it back and he went and linked up with DroFe and the homie Steak & Shrimp a.k.a. LE$. He was in L.A. at the time kickin’ it, and I’m pretty sure that was when Freddie Gibbs had came home and shit too, so he was out and about out there. They ended up recording it the day after I sent it and Left sent it back and he was like “Yo, this might be on the tape”, and now it’s on the tape.

Do you guys have any other collabs planned?
Yeah, Vol. 2 is gonna be crazy. I’m aiming to produce on most of it, me and Left already have a good like, 4-5 beats made for it that we’re gonna end up trying to figure out some artists to put on it. I can’t really leak out who we’re gonna get on them, but all I can say is that it’s gonna be fire.

Did you oversee any of the creation of this album other than working with Left Brain on “Real Friends”?
I ended up going to L.A. the last couple months, I went there like 2 times within like 2 months, and I got to watch Left make some new shit for Vol. 2, and I was there when they made “2017 I Ain’t” featuring LDog and the homie Shann, and I was there when they made “Back Up”. I went to the studio and we ended up picking out a good majority of what was gonna go on the tape, I wasn’t there when they picked out the rest of it, so I was hella excited when I got to see the rest of the lineup.


Other than “Real Friends” what are your three favorite tracks on the album?
It’s gonna have to be “Mellowhigh” featuring Hodgy and Domo, because Left actually dropped a slowed and throwed version on his Soundcloud a long ass time ago so I been waiting on it for a minute. That shit goes. I’d say “Drug Problems” featuring Santana, that shits fire, Left killed it on the beat. And I’d have to say my third favorite is “LEFT DE NIRO” produced by SLEEPTVLK. Left killed it on the verse, that’s the most fire Left Brain verse for sure.

What does the summer have in store for Anvil?
Shit man, alotta tings, alotta tings. I’m gonna start working on my album finally Anvilmentals. I’m gonna be getting a lot of great artists on it. I’m trying to get Madeintyo on there and a couple other big heads on it. You already know there will be some Left Brain and Anvil shit on there. You might catch me on a couple tours here soon, getting more info soon. And I got a headlining show happening in August on my Birthday and it’s gonna be in Portland.

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