Operator becomes newest member of MNMS + drops debut album

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The latest to join Washington based collective, MNMS, Operator drops his debut project Servin’ with some help from fellow group members Misfit Yeager, Thom Baum, and T-Low. Operator gave us a taste of this release last month with the release of his video “Autumn Eve”, Servin’ features 6 tracks all with the same dark/eerie style showcased in the video.


How did Operator get started working with MNMS?
I started working with MNMS when T-Low introduced me to Misfit Yeager and had me draw a logo for MNMS, after that things started coming together.

How did you choose the title of your project?
I chose the title of the project when I realized I’m always talking about servin’ people up in my songs.

 Can you explain the story behind your artwork and who is the designer?
It was one of the pictures taken from my video shoot for “Autumn Eve”, Misfit Yeager designed it for me.
How long have you been working on this project?
I started working on my EP in January.
Where was it recorded?
It was recorded at Misfit Yeagers crib.
Who are the producers?
Misfit Yeager produced it for me, Thom Baum mastered it.
Who was featured?
Misfit Yeager and T-Low were featured on my EP
What was your favorite track?
My favorite track would have to be “Alchemy” feat Mistfit Yeager, only because he got on the track with me unexpectedly, that shit was raw.
Who would you like to thank for helping with this project?
I’d like to thank Miisfit Yeager and Thom Baum for their help. I couldn’t of done it without them.
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