PapaBlack Wants You To Know You Can ‘Make It Out’ Too [VIDEO]

Opening up for some of the biggest names in rap including Nipsey Hussle, Lil Boosie and most recently 2 Chainz, I’d be surprised if you haven’t heard the name PapaBlack Davinci. A Seattle native, the seasoned artist shares a meaningful and motivational video for “Make it Out”.

The video was filmed in South Seattle aka The Soufend, what is the significance of this video location?
It’s where I was raised most my life. Coming from that side of town it was always tough to ‘Make it out’ for most.

What is the one message you hope listeners take away from this track?
I’m just trying to show that you can make it out the hood if u keep pushin’ but try & build up & give back at same time. Be a family man.. take care of home. Let that be priority. Hustle hard.

Your kids make a cameo in this video, do you see any of them following in your musical footsteps?
My oldest daughter (17) most definitely has the gift. Very musically inclined. She plays guitar, piano & has a blessed voice.

What do you have coming up next?
A bunch more dope visuals for the public. I have a few solid collabs coming soon w/ artist such as Jim Jones & Freekey Zeeky, and also w/ local sensation Raz Simone. I just finished a project gonna be titled ‘Goodmoenin’ that I may release in Nov. 2017.
I also have a couple live performances lined up:
Nectar 9/19/17 opening for Ray Jr & also doing a reunion showcase w/ Kirko Bangz @ Nectar 10/3/17. I’m staying busy.

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