PREMIERE: Chase Henny x Jay Morrison

Seattle tends to get all the love! But lately, Federal Way, WA natives have been the talk when it comes to quality music, as well as artists that are on the radar. The latest collab “Some Things Change” from Chase Henny and Jay Morrison really left me wanting to hear more, from the beat to the message behind the song. Find out a little more about the song from Chase Henny himself and give it a listen.

How did the collaboration with Jay Morrison come about?
We was in the studio a lot like a year ago and created a few tracks together like his ‘Doin Me‘ single… but this song really stood out to me. So I finished it finally and here it is lol.

Is there a deeper meaning behind the song title “Some Things Change”?
For me there is, this song is for people who expect change but don’t work for it. Over the last couple of years, friends came and went. It’s crazy how you can really see the change in people once you let them in… snakes low key everywhere. So basically I’m saying is… don’t be surprised if some things change between us.

What else does 2017 have in store for you?
Im expecting 17 to be a big year… I have a music video being released with Harry Clean in February for my wrong. And shortly after another one with Dyllyn Greenwood. I have collaborations coming this year with the heavy hitters of WA, so big shit. 🔥🔥

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