PREMIERE: Jarv Dee x MackNed x Cam The Mac “DKTG” Video #MOORFRIDAY

By: Carrick Wenke

Something dope about Seattle’s boisterous collective Moor Gang, is that they have taken all of the hype of Black Friday, and formed it into their own holiday which steps more towards what this time of year should be attracted to, giving back. The day we are celebrating is “MOOR FRIDAY”, and every year the Moor’s have given fans exclusive releases whether it be merch, videos, or even sometimes full project releases. In this case we have the pleasure of premiering General Jarv Dee’s video for in your face track “DKTG”, where along with fellow Moor’s MackNed and Cam The Mac, he basically breaks down the difference between Moor Gang and some of their contemporaries. They’re real, others are not. Cam, in almost a calling out-fashion proclaims “Reppin’ religions but don’t know the Gods/Who are you kidding, we know that you frauds”. Wrapping up 2015 with this video following an active year including the release of his long awaited Satellites, Swishers, and Spaceships album, Jarv is going into 2016 strong as it is looking as if Moor Gang is going to take that year as well. If you have any doubts, listen to the confidence in Mackned ironing out, “Moor Gang, Thraxxhouse, one mission, two routes”.

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