PREMIERE: Luna God & ZELLi team up for phone captured visuals to accompany their single, “Booty Bounce”

By: Carrick Wenke


In recent months, Seattle producer Luna God dropped his second project, LGEP2, which features bouncy (ironic I know) single “Booty Bounce”, featuring ZELLi, which now is accompanied by a video that took a unique approach to how videos are generally shot, by capturing and editing all scenes on phones.

How did you and ZELLi originally link up to create and put together the track for “Booty Bounce”?
I made the “Booty Bounce” beat one night and filmed a lil bit of it and put it on snapchat. A couple minutes later Zelli hit me up and was like “I want that beat.” I already had her in mind to be on it. And I knew it would be on my EP.

lunagod7How was the creative direction behind the video decided? As it takes a unique approach to how videos are usually shot.
We linked up and got the song all recorded and everything. One night my roommates and I were on the bus to go out on Cap Hill. One of them was using her snapchat front facing camera to apply her lipstick, and thats how I got the idea to film a music video using snapchat. It was super fun. We invited a bunch of people over. We bought a bunch of supplies and then we just had a water fight and filmed it all with our phones! I just wanted to do something fun and be creative with it and not stress about making a music video.

Watching this video is a good way to relive some nice summer weather, and a good opportunity to go out and shake sum’n.

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