PREMIERE: Russell North x London “Last Night In L.A.”

By: Carrick Wenke


In keeping up with the trend he has set for himself so far in 2017, Frisco’s own Russell North  brings us his third single, entitled “Last Night In L.A.” featuring fellow Cali grown London. Produced by TRAXXFDR, known for his work with Berner, and The Jacka, “Last Night In L.A.” features a change in tone from Russell, stepping away from the bouncy sound of his previous two singles, to a more reflective, inky vibe. I recently got the chance to speak to Russell about the song where he shared some insight on how it came along.

The song has less of a bouncy West Coast sound than the previous two singles, what made you wanna change the sound up and go in a different direction?
I guess I just never want to be put into a box creatively. Is there a genre for for “ratchet ballads”? The beat gave me the space to tell a story that only I could tell. I lived in LA for years but I’m from the Bay, so no matter what I’m always going to give you that perspective. 

Was the track inspired by your own last night in LA?
This record is definitely based on a true story. London captured the energy of the city. I just wanted to tell my LA story. The first verse is about my last relationship and why I left the city. The second verse is my perspective now.. 

This is your third single of the year already,  what can we expect on the horizon for Russell North?
I’ve been throwing parties since 2011. I started a company called Skydivers Club back in 2015, that’s focused on event production and marketing. So you can expect more of that. But this might be the last song I ever drop. I hate being called a rapper so I might just quit while I’m ahead.

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