PREMIERE: Sam Lorenzo “Don’t Worry”

By: Carrick Wenke


Making a big return to music following a brief hiatus, Maryland rapper Sam Lorenzo drops the first video from up coming project Crucifix. The visuals to “Don’t Worry” feature a controversial approach with Sam carrying a holy cross while portraying a metaphorical Jesus Christ in which he is displaying himself bearing the sins of the rap game in order to resurrect his artist presence. I recently spoke to Sam, curious about his creative direction for the video and what the rest of the year has in store for him:

What made you decide to utilize the portrayal of Jesus Christ to demonstrate the sins of the rap industry?
I really wanted to grab and capture the audience attention. I thought it was a clever idea to put myself in Jesus’ shoes as in being human and having to deal with the everyday struggles, successes and temptations just like Jesus did. I tried to show Jesus going through these trials and tribulations as if he was a Early 20 year old/teenager in todays generation.What went into the creative process of the video?
A lot of Meditation/soul-searching, a lot of weed and watching the bible.When can we expect the project to come out?
Y’all can expect my debut project Crucifix to be out around August/October.

What’s next for Sam Lorenzo?
Im going up from here, y’all can expect another visual or two coming after “Don’t Worry” and a couple more songs so stay tuned….

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