PREMIERE: Sleep Steady “TRUNK”

By: Carrick Wenke


If you’ve been following Sleep Steady for the more than a year that they’ve been splashing around on the scene, you’ve probably seen the term “TRUNK” attached to their name and movement. For instance, why is one half “TRUNKLORD V”  and the other half “TRUNKLORD P”? This is because when CiD Vishiz and Perry Porter come together, the way they describe their sound is “TRUNK”, a hybrid of Trap and Punk. This is really the best way to categorize them as they have the 808’s and 4-note keys that are integral to Trap songs, and their live show and delivery has the energy and vibe of an underground Punk show. Over a year in the making, it is only right that the Sleep Steady boys titled their debut album TRUNK. Now, they obviously dropped their first EP Beast, last year and the couple of collabs with Konrad OldMoney (that we can’t forget were included in the UFC 2 video game), but to me, TRUNK is their official print on the world. They’ve spent over a year playing endless shows of all different kinds, and dropping loosies here and there throughout the year (“LOVE THIS”, “BLACK THAI”), and Sleep Steady have finally mastered their sound and came into their own as one of the most prominent groups in Seattle and the PNW.

I first became friends with the Sleep Steady guys around the summer of 2016. I did a little interview at the radio station KGRG that July, where I met their DJ/Manager NEBULUS. It was I wanna say 2 months later at the ABRA show in Seattle where he approached me and reminded me we met and invited me to a show his artists were playing. Turns out those artists he were talking about were Sleep Steady and me and squad pulled up to the house show they were playing in the U District that was riddled with sweaty kids that had spent the duration of the set moshing off one another to Sleep Steady’s appropriately titled “Mosh” and others. After that, my friendship with them blossomed as they started showing up to all of my shows, constantly showing support, and even CiD stepping in as last minute DJ when my usual DJ was out of town. It’s funny because I actually was reminded recently that I’ve been aware of Perry for a few years as one of the first shows I worked at back in February 2014 was a show he was opening for, predating the Sleep Steady days. Side note, did you guys know he’s also a phenomenal painter as well? Dude is a walking legend, definitely slide to his next art show and cop a piece if you can, Marshawn Lynch did.


So where should I start with the album? I would like to use “artistic chaos” as a descriptive word, but I don’t want that to get misconstrued as it being sloppy. These 8 tracks are very well put together and each one is a winner in it’s own right. The sound has the best of the strength and energy that they provide in their live show which is perfect mosh music. From the opening of “HABITS” and the recently released video “DANICA”, to “DICE ROLL”, each song is worth playing all the way through. Once you get to track 4 “AUTOROCKET”, there is some time to catch your breath and get ready to get restarted, but as soon as those 2 minutes are over it’s back to the up and down of “MOSH”. If I had to predict, I’d say it’s only a matter of time before Sleep Steady takes off into 2017 and beyond following the release of this album. Also might I add, that TRUNK will be available on Apple Music, Spotify, and allat next week!


The album has a very much more aggressive sound than a lot of your peers in Seattle. What kind of influence were you guys drawing from when creating this project?

PP: I shouldn’t have gotten this high! Life. Nah for real though, life. I went through some real ass shit this year, so much real shit. Life can humble you, bro, that’s all I can say.

You probably get asked this a lot but this album is a couple years in the making, how did Perry & CiD join forces in the first place?
CV: Myspace.
PP: Yeah, we’ve been making music for a really long time together, but we met through Myspace because all of our mutual friends told us we should make music together. So I hit him up and I found out the day I hit him up he moved to California, so we made music online for years.

This is straight up mosh music, what are the best mosh pits you guys have been a part of that you didn’t perform at?
PP: What show was that where Wolftone was wildin’?
CV: That was at Real Art (Tacoma). I think it was PeasantBoys

PP: Did we perform that night? We did perform that night, it was us, PeasantBoys, and Ugly Frank. Wolftone was freaking out, like he was moshing by himself. It was an experience to watch that.

Perry you also are an avid painter, do you take the same approach to painting as you do crafting a song?
PP: Yeah, I try not to think about it too hard, and just do shit. And I take lot’s of breaks because I’m lazy, and also it makes me rethink a lot of shit.

What does the summer have in store for Sleep Steady?
PP: World takeover.
CV: Something in July.
PP: World takeover and baked goods.

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