Q’swyft feat. Kirko Bangz ‘Runnin It Up’ – SINGLE

By: Lauren Royer

Aye, you know it’s been a minute since I’ve seen or heard the name Kirko Bangz. The new single by Texas Native Q’Swyft just dropped today and it’s a banger no doubt. This track has sway and Q’swyft manifested this one for his own personal growth so he could start runnin’ it up big. This fella has been working his way up one day at a time and has an impressive list opening for artists such as Lil Wayne, Chris Brown, Lil Boosie, and Jon B. The sound is similar to the style of those artists but has a modern vibe about it too. The track he’s riding is headed in the right direction and the track below is worth a smash on the play button. I am hella impressed about Q’swyft’s grind! Learn about all that and more in his interview below. Keep that shit up Q’swyft!

How did the collab with Kirko Bangz originally start going down? What about the producer Kris Minor?
After performing alongside a few A-list artist and building relationships with them, I felt like it was time for me as a local artist to grow and level up. Being from Texas, I wanted my 1st major collaboration to be with someone from Texas. So I reached out to Kirko and his management team and made it happen. Kris Minor is a producer out of Arlington, Tx who produced Wale’s ‘Publishing Checks’ on his ‘Summer On Sunset’ Mixtape and produced a track for Phil Ade’ (Wale’s artist) and it just so happen that his older brother Alex and myself are good friends and I never knew his younger brother made beats, crazy huh!

Talk about the track, what inspired it?
Life inspired it. It’s like people love to see you down, but when you’re up and doing better than them that’s when you see a lot of fake love, fake handshakes, from friends, family, etc. It amazes me sometimes how much envy & hate success brings! So instead of talking about the glamorous side of getting money, we’re telling you the struggles that come with success!

What elements in the track vibe with you the most?
Just the overall track, from the beat to the way we arranged it, I love the way it turned out! So much good vibes from this record, when you rap from the heart and what you really experience it comes out phenomenal!

How are the visuals coming along for this track?
We’re almost done with the treatment for the video, its so much creativity being put in the air right now! Visual is definitely on its way so be on the lookout!

What’s next for you?
Next is the push to different cities and states until I’m ready to release my 2nd single with another major collab! I will be in Austin, Tx this weekend at the annual SXSW music/film festival to push the single and get it out there to the masses. I feel like that face to face, hand to hand grind is necessary and important! And I will also be performing in Dallas, Tx the day after SXSW at the Virdiko Mixer & Showcase at the Gas Monkey Live!


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