Seattle videographer Kellen Howe clocks in the summer at 9 videos in 2017 + teams up with TLebron on his 10th, “Pull Up”

By: Carrick Wenke


Kellen Howe has produced many slick music videos in the Seattle area this year. The first visual work I was put on to by him was Scotty Sensei’s “IDK” video which had the visual layout of a movie. For his 10th video, he teamed up with Seattle artist TLebron for his track “Pull Up”. TLebron’s trap style matches perfect with Kellen’s video style as it cuts back and forth from clean nighttime shots to animations of the Jetsons and various color changes.

I recently spoke with Kellen on what’s been going on for him so far this year:

How did you link up with TLebron to film this video?
So how it happened was, TLebron sent me a message on Facebook along with some of his music right after we release Scotty (Sensei)’s video “IDK”. Basically from there we just scheduled a day to meet in Seattle to shoot all three locations (grow op, green screen, city shots).

What has been your favorite video to work on this year?
I would have to say this “Pull Up” video has been my favorite! I’ve worked on a lot this year, approaching graduation of film school, but TLebron really gave me a lot of creative freedom with this one.

What do you hope to accomplish during the rest of the year?
I’ve got about 6 or 7 music videos lined up with Seattle artists but I’m hoping to do more work with people out of state. We also have a lot of videos lined up for this new collective I’m in called “Tung Shui”, but other than that you can expect some narrative short films and even some corporate work in the coming months.

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