SneakGuapo drops 3rd project of the year, 8th project overall, #GUAPSEASON

By: Carrick Wenke


At this point in time we’re halfway through Summer 2017, and in my book, Sneakguapo is an underground legend, and a OG to the current Seattle music scene. On July 15th he dropped his third project of the year, and eighth project overall stemming back to his summer 2013 debut, Suicide Capitol. To me, Guap gets better and stronger on each project, and has literally dropped a classic everytime he has put something out. My first exposure to Guap was back in November 2013 and I remember it like it was yesterday, it was the first Cam The Mac headline and Mackned made his live debut as support. Guap had just released his first album and got to guest on Ned’s set and perform “Suicide Capitol”. At the time I didn’t realize how rare that moment was because I myself was just getting started in the business, but it did leave an impression on me that prompted me to go out and buy both the original Suicide Capitol tape and Ned’s Ned’s World tape the next day on Bandcamp. Ever since that moment I’ve had anticipation and excitement ever since I’ve seen the two of them promoting a new release.

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2017 has been an active year for the West Seattle native so far. Kicking the year off with the release of his Bandcamp-only EP Oblivious Indigo Child, featuring a compilation of tracks originally recorded at the end of 2015. Shortly thereafter in March, Guap went back to the same venue he made his live debut at to sellout his first headline show. Following that, he announced he would start “Guap Season” off with a short but worthwhile collab project with producer tblunty. Not a month later we have #GUAPSEASON. 

No matter what Guap’s music sounds like, one thing that I’ve always admired is that he’s always had consistent messages in his lyrics. There’s nothing short of that on #GUAPSEASON with the first track “Drop” stating in it’s opening bars, “They try to shake your hand, man these people being fake”. Next, we get greeted by the more sanguine “587” prod. by Basskids. We’re no stranger to this track at this point as previously Guap had dropped some A-1 visuals with the help of Emilio Chavez, bridging the VHS-camera/modern look. Track 3 clocks in, and it’s one of my top two favorites on the album. “Zen” features Guap taking a more smooth, sung approach to his unique style. Immediately following my first favorite cut is my second favorite, the reflective and in your face “Memories”, prod. by Eric G, which is one of a pair of tracks in a row produced by him. The next few tracks are all equally turnt up in their own right, before we get to tracks 9-12 which are all produced solely by tblunty. I almost wanna view these 4 tracks as a follow up or “part 2” of the Sagiquarius EP which makes #GUAPSEASON 2 albums in one for me. Sneakguapo is one of the most underrated artists in the game and in this Seattle “scene”, and needs to not be slept on. Lyrics from “Gravity” showcase that he knows his own worth, “Sneakguap yeah I’m worth something/I put my passion on the line I think I’m better than ’em”.

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