Sunday Night w/ @TheBlowUpCo | Featuring @TheTarynShow

This past sunday The Blow Up launched our first “snapisode” with one of our brand ambassadors, Taryn! If you did not get a chance to check it out here it is!

Taryn was spittin’ the truth about following your dreams! You gotta go after what’s yours because no one else will go after it for you! You gotta believe in yourself because there will be days when it doesn’t seem like anyone believes in you!

In order to get where you’re trying to go you have to put on your shoes, tie up the laces (if the shoes you choose to put on even have laces), and *Martin Lawrence voice* “get ta steppin'” in that direction! You’ll never get to the moon just thinking OR looking at it! You have to make moves, no matter how hard they may seem (or actually be), in the direction of your aspirations!

On that note, we hope that each and every word resonates with you dreamers & go-getters out there!

We all know what time it is! TIME TO B L O W u p! *Tick, tock*

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