Tacoma artist NOO does some reflecting on “SELF VOLUME 1”

By: Carrick Wenke


Upon the opening bars of Noo’s latest release Self Volume 1, you can tell you’re in store for some chill vibes and lucid self reflecting. The first two tracks, “Commited” and “Just My Thoughts” both elevate a strong aura reminiscent of early 90’s Hip-Hop. When I asked Noo what kind of music/artists he was listening to at the time of the creative process for this project, I was expecting to hear names dropped such as Digable Planets, De La Soul, Biggie etc. however I was surprised to find out when he needs to get in the mood to rap, he listens to mostly R’nB.

“I was actually listening to a lot of PartyNextDoor ’cause I was going through a breakup and that dude be singin’ about my life lol. When I’m tryna get in the mood to rap, I can’t really listen to rap. I got SZA, Sade, Zhane; it’s all r&b on my playlists. The only rappers I want to listen to when I’m getting in rap mode are BIG and Jay Z, Pusha T or Curren$y. I suppose the R’nB makes me think of different flows when I’m putting words together, but I just like pretty sounding shit.” 

Among the 7 song project, my favorite track was “Note To Self”, a yearning reflection where Noo states, “There’s problems now, there’s probably more coming, you gotta work through the bullshit, they get salty when you keep pushing”. Of course after listening to it a couple times I was curious what was going through his mind and what the inspiration for the song was:

“FIRST lemme shoutout my brother Ev-Monster (BRGNDY) on his masterful production. The inspiration behind that song was; I have “self talk’s” and “by myself meetings” where I check myself on stuff I’m not doing. I’m a big self help kinda guy so I’m always about making myself into a better human. “Note To Self” was just that, me telling myself action is the key, and giving up on music isn’t even possible at this point.”

And it was only right that I asked Noo himself what HIS favorite tracks were:

” “To The Side” ’cause who doesn’t do that?
And “Just My Thoughts” Produced by 10.4 Rog, ’cause I’ve had that verse for a while and Rog gave me a nice bed to lay it on.”


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