TBU EXCLUSIVE: Interview With Alex Alexander of LEXSCOPE FILMS; Talks Involvement in Cinematography, Tacoma Music, “LUCID – NOTE” Short Film + More

Interview By: Carrick Wenke


Nowadays we are blessed with so many dope filmographers, cinematographers, etc., but not often do I come across one who actually delves into multiple different avenues when it comes to his video work. Often times a filmographer will stick to either filming music videos, or promo bits for stores, even gather up a team and work on some kind of short film or story. Alex Alexander of LEXSCOPE FILMS not only has covered all of those bases, but in his most recent work, a short film entitled “LUCID / NOTE”, rather than shooting a typical music video for the song by G-Jon, he basically shot a small movie with the song as the partial focus. Recently I caught up with Alex and we discussed his origins, Tacoma’s growing music scene, and the his latest work.


First off, how did you get involved in cinematography and filmography, and what were some of your influences growing up?

I got involved in film 3 years ago, prior to that I was a “rapper” (chuckles). I went to college for a semester for graphic design and ended up kicking it with the film majors and discovered a whole new world. Some of my influences were Pulp Fiction, Requiem For A Dream, Dazed And Confused, Naruto, Inside Man, Fast Times At Ridgemont High, Paid In Full, Revenge Of The Nerds, Lost In Translation, Reservoir Dogs, Casablanca, Kill Bill… the list is endless.


 Where did the name Lexscope originate?

Lexscope came from my name “Alex Alexander”. However, with separate ties to “L.E.X” which doubles as “Live Every Day X-rated”. Don’t let the normal perception of life influence how you live your own. Be different, do some crazy shit, don’t fall into that boring depressing rut doing something you hate just because your parents or even your friends want you to. And the “Scope” part just sounded cool.

Being from Tacoma, what is your take on the music scene they have coming up down there, and who are some of your favorite locals everyone should be watching for?

I’m actually from North Carolina but for the past 3-4 years Tacoma has been my home and I’ve been welcomed and felt loved since day one. I’d say since I been in Tacoma the music scene is the most progressive I’ve ever experienced. I’ve been put on to Tacoma music from other states. It’s tight man, a lot of those guys I actually started listening to them as a fan so being able to work with them was tight. Some of my favorite locals that everyone shouldn’t sleep on would be :30, Gage Edwards, ILLFIGHTYOU, Kay Miyagi, C.A. Rod, Cally Reed, A.C. Duecey, Seaan Brooks, and the Peasant Boys.


 You just dropped “Lucid / NOTE” which is not necessarily a music video but more a short film surrounded by a song. What made you have the idea to craft it in that way?

Man at the end of the day I’m all about making cool shit with my friends. The songs were already solidified and a lot of ppl say the the video has nothing to do with the songs. But I don’t care, that’s the vision I saw, that’s the story we put together based on the music, based on the vibe. G-Jon flew out to Tacoma, Dion & Kat were both pretty much in the right place at the right time, everything fell together perfectly on accident. I mean I’ve always been into short films and music videos so anytime I can combine the two I do. Death to boring music videos 2016.

Was the process for filming a long one?

It involves a lot of moving parts. A lot of hands in the cookie jar. From picking the locations, to trying to keep the cops off the set. Getting advice on certain aspects from industry professionals helped a lot. It gets tedious at times. A lot goes into it man, without my team none of this would have been possible.

What was the influence behind the plot for the short film aspect? Is it based on a real life instance?

As weird as it may sound this short was loosely based on a real life scenario. Nah, no one got sliced up but for real if you piss off the right girl in the worst way, I can almost guarantee she’ll find a way to at the very least make you wish you were dead.


 What are some other projects you have worked on this past year?

A couple music videos for various artists across the US (C.Pitt, Gage, BME, etc.) Some promotional material for NTP. A couple charity events with Project 253. It’s all on the site.

Are you back at working on something new now?

Absolutely, the work never stops. Dropping one more project at the end of December titled “Outta Control”.

Is there any artist or directors you’d like to work with in the near future?

As far as directors I really want to work with Lea Godoy, Hayday, Forbe$, and even some of the bigger names like CJ Wallis & Hiro Murai. When it comes to artists I’m pretty open, always looking to link up with creative minds.

Anything else?

Wanna say thanks to my squad, the cast & crew as well as all of our supporters. The Scope has came a long way this year. All our productions are up on (it’s not porn I promise). One time for Carrick & The Blow Up for having me, I appreciate the opportunity.


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