TBUxA3C: Master P “I Wanted ‘Michael Jackson’ Money”

A3C is a great place for artist, DJs and those wanting to grow within the music industry. Each year, we all gather in Atlanta for what I like to call a huge “Hip-Hop Family Reunion”.


This year’s keynote speaker was Master P, a true definition of a HUSTLER. This ended up being the highlight of my entire trip to the Conference and Festival. Being able to hear such raw game from a trailblazer who not only paved the way for so many of us, but created the damn road was so inspiring. I sat there in awe, laughing a few times jokes came up, but in reality I couldn’t believe I was less than 10 feet away from fuckin’ MASTER P! & he was giving me real life advice based on his actual journey and experiences!

As the conversation started, which was mediated by Maurice Garland and Branden Peters, I was able to get some of the conversation on video to share. During this talk, Master P shares his story on turning down Jimmy Iovine’s million dollar deal, a $25,000 conversation with a lawyer that lead him to wanting a Distribution Deal, plus having a goal of getting that “Michael Jackson” money. I wish I could have recorded the entire conversation, but this in itself is enough game to soak in. Enjoy! Comment! SHARE! & Subscribe!

P.S. This footage is RAW. Like really RAW. No edits, filters and I am aware that it is a bit unstable and wobbly. Please don’t judge me =)

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