TEAM REVIEW: Bruce Leroy x 1st Born “Home”

We’re back with another team review! Take a journey with us to Tacoma, WA and kick it with Bruce Leroy. Enlisting frequent collaborating producer 1st Born, the project features 12 new tracks that will keep your head bobbin. Read below to see what The Blow Up squad thought about this new release.



Rating: 3/5
Favorite Track(s): “Jackie Brown”, “Home” & “Blurry Faces”
Emcee Bruce Leroy and producer 1STBORN put forth a decent project with “Home”. There were a few songs I felt could’ve came off stronger such as “Blacker The Bury” and “Welcome To The Party” but songs like the title track kept my attention. I really appreciate their play on the culture, keeping true to the genre’s roots with Boom Bap beats, experimental sounds and poetic-based lyricism. I’d recommend this album to fans of underground Hip Hop music which is the demographic that best fits this pair.

Rating: 4/5
Favorite Track: “Premium Unleaded”
This is a cool ass project and you feel this artist speaks his truths as you listen. The beats became a little repetitive from song to song but he makes up for it with endless bars (it just works). I like that Bruce Leroy includes a variety of features on this as well.

Rating: 4/5
Favorite Track(s): “Jooganometry”, “Home”, “Don’t Blow It” & “10 to 6”
Bruce Leroy been filthy. (Shout out to him performing at the MCC 4 Year Anniversary Party!) Pairing up with 1st Born was a good look. If you ain’t hip yet, this is the project to start with! Go Tacoma!

Rating: 5/5
Favorite Track(s): “Jooganometry”, “Welcome To The Party” & “Monday”
Bruce Leroy is hella filthy!! I was ready for this album once he dropped the music video for “Home”. This has West Coast/Sunny days written all over it. The dope beats and smooth lyrics flow seamlessly together. It’s just a good album to play and chill out and smoke to.

Rating: 4/5
Favorite Track: “6 to 10”
Another solid release from Tacoma’s Bruce Leroy. I really dug the first single “Jooganometry” when it came out, and I think the artistic pairing of Bruce x 1stBorn is a winner. Another couple tracks I had on repeat on here were the West Coast vibes of “6 to 10”, and the collab with IFY’s Khris P, “Don’t Blow It”.

Rating: 4/5
Favorite Track(s): “Blacker the Bury”, “Jackie Brown”, “Don’t Blow It”, “Blurry Faces” & “10 to 6”
I think this tape is dope, everything from the content to the production. I love and respect artists who take their time with their music and create something of quality for their listeners and this is definitely music that I would share with the homies. Take a listen and let us know what you think.

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