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After a whole lot of success surrounding his group Divine Council and about a year since his last project, producer ICYTWAT drops the long awaited “MILK”. Showing lots of growth in both production and rapping, ICYTWAT has outdone himself this time. See what the team thought of “MILK”.


Rating: 4/5
Favorite Track: “Z4 Music”
I got put on to ICYTWAT and Divince Council through Carrick and have not super vibed with them, but never hated on their shit. I actually really fucks with “MILK”. It’s full of slappers and is perfect for the Summer turn ups and kick backs.

Rating: “Don Juan ft. $ilk Money”, “Z4 Vision”
Favorite Track: “Don Juan ft. $ilk Money”, “Z4 Vision”
I’m hella biased because I am, and have been a huge fan of ICYTWAT and his group ever since I did his first interview back in 2014, but he never disappoints. ICYTWAT kept up with the trend of producing all the songs and having guests on each track, and appearing himself as a rapper on a few, very similar to what Dr. Dre did with “The Chronic”. My personal favorite track actually happened to be the one ICYTWAT went solo on “Z4 Music”, very turnt up. Of course how could I not mention the third installment in the “Lil Shorty” series (the first being on “Dior Junts” in 2015, and the second being on “Wet” in 2016), where he opens the song with a revisited line from Cyrax!’s verse on “Sunoco”. All around great production as we are used to from ICYTWAT, and fun lyrics. Definitely something I’m gonna be sipping big ass mojito’s to this summer.

Rating: 3/5
Favorite Tracks: “DON JUAN” & “Z4 MUSIC”
After giving this album a listen I NEED SOME MILK. I fuck with the different energy each song has. I like the beats too, they’re catchy. Some songs really bump on this album and others are just perfect for sitting in your room smoking by yourself and chillin in your feels.

Rating: 3/5
Favorite Tracks: “MILK”, “Z4 MUSIC”, “DON JUAN”, “FLODGIN” & “FIN”
This album is vibe forsure, loved the beats used for this project. Everyone should definitely take a listen! And the album cover is flame 🔥

Rating: 3/5
Favorite Track: “Clouds”
A chill project overall, for my first time listening to ICYTWAT. Milk was pretty dope. Would recommend for nice drives in the evening. Maybe.

Rating: 3/5
Favorite Track: “Z4 Music”
There’s a lot of creative vibes coming from this project, totally digging the experimental sound. I rated average though because it all seems a little spread out, not super glued together to me. Maybe that was the point- something more spacey?

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