The Black Pages: Graphic Designer & Menswear Stylist | Lamont Howard

“The Black Pages” is our spin on the classically outdated “Yellow Pages.

It’s simply a directory for artists to find producers, graphic designers, photographers, videographers, stylist, dancers, models, etc. to work with!

Our first feature is Lamont Howard a GRAPHIC DESIGNER & MENSWEAR STYLIST. 


When did you discover your talent?

During middle school when I found myself fascinated with Myspace layout design and how you could trick out your pages to make it personify your individuality. That truly was the start of my discovery and passion for graphic design.

Is there anything or anyone who inspired your creative style?

My creative friends and everything around me, simply walking out the house and observing my surroundings I get inspiration and pick up ideas for my style.


What are your top 3 projects you’ve worked on (if possible, please provide examples)?

• Styling for Russell Simmons at his Macy’s Fashion Show for his line Argyleculture. This was my very first real experience in the fashion world professionally and for my debut it was unforgettably life-changing.
• Lookbook Live Event at Simons Mall with GQ as a GQ Insider. I got to offer style tips, host a competition and give out giveaways via social media. I was compensated and recognized nationally by Simons Mall on their instagram, this event was confirmation that this was definitely a way to be a millennial trailblazer taking on success with an alternative route.
• Being the Menswear Director of Florida State’s Diverse World Fashion Magazine and being published in the issue my last semester of undergrad. This was a defining moment for me because it was a time that revealed my hard work paid off and didn’t go unnoticed, for me, it meant moving forward would be nothing short of greatness.

Who is one person you really want to collab/work with?

I would love to collab/work with with Aleali May. Her aesthetic is so clean, minimal and composed. I had the opportunity to chat with her for a minute when I was out in L.A. and her energy was refreshing. We are the same age so it’s inspiring to see that at this point in our lives we can influence thousands of people through our passion and not sacrifice our integrity nor time. If not her, Vashtie for sure, another influential creative who is creating her own path without regard to society’s idea of being the typical 9 to 5 robot.


Where are you located?

Miami, Florida

What is the best way for people to see more of your work?

My website has my portfolio and blog which I usually keep up-to-date — / my Instagram is also another great way to stay in the loop with my moves @MrDeLaMont

What is the best contact new customers can reach you? or my creative solutions business email:

If you are interested in being featured on The Blow Up’s Black Pages please email Taryn at!

Thank you!


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