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If you’re in the Portland area and looking for CD duplication, look no further, Saturn Duplication is here! Get to know them below in our newest installment of The Black pages.

What is your business?
My business is Saturn Duplication, a CD duplication shop in Portland, Oregon focused on short-runs for local artists and musicians.

miccapes_tbu-1024x900How long have you been in business?
We just started this year, the beginning of 2016.

What was the first step you took to get things going?
It was definitely a culmination of things. From already having graphic design/prepress and bindery/production experience, to being able to research and locate quality used equipment, to finding that perfect office to rent! Lots and lots of planning, but also a good dose of just jumping in and going for it.

What services do you offer?
Our primary business is duplicating and packaging short runs of CD albums for local musicians. We’re slowly rolling out some other media options too (cassettes and “dubplates”), so it’s worth watching our Instagram/Facebook for new developments and to see samples of current and past projects. Our hot item right now is 100 full color 2-panel jackets with a silver disc (basic black art.) We can add a barcode for free, and they always come shrink wrapped and ready to sell. These are just like you’d find in a real record store, not just the single sheet in an envelope. Our printing is all done right here in Oregon and the duplication and packaging is done right in the Portland shop just off 20th and East Burnside. Keeping it local is definitely a thing for us.

What is your best advice to customers, current and future?
Be positive. Always be doing the little things to chip away at the path you want to take. Some things can take a long time to blossom, but when they do it’s definitely rewarding. Don’t overlook preparation. Whether it’s entering the studio, or finding a real mastering engineer and graphic designer, you only get one shot to meet your audience for the first time and those impressions matter. By the time you get to me, the more prepared you are the quicker and easier your job will go. On the other hand, you’re not going to make ANY forward progress if you don’t just get down to business and start getting your hands dirty, sometimes too much worry and fear can derail everything too.

What is the best way to reach you?
The best way to reach me is by email:
One of the perks of having a physical location and office hours is that I can usually meet with folks to chat for free about possibilities and offer all our options. There’s a lot of things you can get across face to face that are harder to do in a DM/text/email. Meeting with artists that are enthusiastic about their projects definitely gives me a boost even if it’s not monetary. Like I mentioned above, there’s a lot to be said to just keeping your chin up and a smile on your face.

Instagram: @saturnduplication

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