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“The Black Pages” is our spin on the classically outdated “Yellow Pages“.

It’s simply a directory for artist to find resources to help power their dream. Stay on our site each week to discover new graphic designers, photographers, stylist, and other business you may need to utilize while building your brand.

This week we’re talking with GMK of The Truth Studios in Seattle, WA.

What is your business?
A music recording and production studio.

How long have you been up & running?
Feels like years now, but going on year 2 in terms of it’s direction and goal of building a steady client base.

What was the first step you took to get things going?
One of the first steps I’d say is getting organized, really etching out the vision.

What services do you offer?
The Truth Studios offers mixing, mastering, production and recording.

What do your prices range?
Pricing is based on the market price of studio time. We specifically look to cater to the artist needs. Until the 15th of this month we are offering 10hrs for $175. We offer monthly and day rates. You can come in for a day rate of $350. Monthly rate is 4(2hr) sessions for $150.

What is your best advice to customers, current and future?
Best advice I’d give to customers is utilize the time wisely, think of the studio just like any aspect of your career as an investment. The more time you can afford to spend to develop the better your product/music can be.

What is the best way to reach you?
Best way to reach us is by email: or via

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