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“The Black Pages” is our spin on the classically outdated “Yellow Pages“.

It’s simply a directory for artist to find resources to help power their dream. Stay on our site each week to discover new graphic designers, photographers, stylist, and other business you may need to utilize while building your brand.

This week, we’re chatting with Eric Miller of Vidbotz, a Seattle based company providing brands and artist quality, yet affordable video production. Get the scoop below!

What is your business?
Vidbotz ­­ the world’s first assembly line for video production. We believe making videos should be fast, easy and affordable. And now it is!

How long have you been up & running?
We opened our first studio last month in Downtown Seattle. It’s been an exciting time seeing the positive reception from the city.

What was the first step you took to get things going?
Committing to an idea. Building something from the ground up takes incredible amounts of time, money, and sacrifice. You have to be ready to dedicate every ounce of energy to making the idea come to life. And jumping in head­first is the first step.

What services do you offer?
Digital content creation specializing in video production. Videos are our bread and butter, but we also work in graphic design, web development, and photography. Our customers range from musicians, to startups, to sole­proprietors, to fortune 500 companies. No matter who you are, everyone needs new content on a consistent basis, and we’re here to help.

What are some challenges you face as a business owner?
Juggling home­life and business­life. You start a business hoping it will positively impact your life and family, but you also want to ensure your family is well­taken care while you’re working on the business. There’s always work to be done so late nights are common. The key to everything though is great communication. Setting expectations and giving updates keeps everyone on the same page, and decreases stress and unwanted tension.

What do your prices range? (Any specials? Packages?)
We offer video membership starting at $1,000 per year, and videos costing as low as $100. Plus, every new member gets one free video! All Vidbotz members can make an unlimited number of videos each year with us. It’s fast, affordable, and we do most of the work so it couldn’t be easier.

What is your best advice to customers, current and future?
Do not underestimate the power of video. It’s the only medium that effortlessly engages, educates, and entertains viewers in a matter of seconds. Video content reigns supreme in today’s world of the visual consumer. And the best way to market yourself, your brand, or your business is through creating effective video content on a consistent basis. We consult all of our customers to develop a strong 6­month video strategy for the purposes of driving customer engagement. With one single click, a curious viewer can become a lifelong customer.

What is the best way to reach you?
Find us on the web at or connect @vidbotz.

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