VIDEO BLOG: @TheTarynShow | “Pilot”

Ayyyyyy! It’s the ONE & ONNNLY Taryn Show here sharing my first YouTube post! This Pilot episode is just a mini breakdown of all the fantasmigorical (not exactly sure if that’s a real word… but uhhhh.. ANYWHO!) I will be pushing the sauciest of the sauciest entertainment because I was given this ability to make people laugh without even trying.

Coincidentally, I was also given the ability to inspire, motivate, and encourage people all around the world to go after what they want and make their dreams come true! So all these different abilities collided and formed what I like to call “The Taryn Show”!

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Also, don’t be afraid to let a sista’ know what you was diggin’ and weren’t diggin’! As much as I want you to grow, I want to grow myself!

no matter how bland this life is, don’t ever stop being S A U C Y***

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