Tips on How To Survive A3C


I’ve personally attended a handful of A3C festivals. From when they held it solely at The Masquereade to what it is now, I’ve seen A3C grow into this amazing and important asset to hip-hop cutlture. With the festival fastly approaching and only two weeks away, I wanted to share my tips on how to survive the 5 day event!

• Wear the right shoes and make sure they’re comfortable! Fellas, don’t try and flex too hard by wearing rarities. They’ll get dirty and creased from all the walking around. And Ladies, save the heels for the nightlife. You want to be comfortable while making your moves all across the A.

• Bring a portable charger – If you’re like me, you’re constantly on social media, checking your email, taking pictures, and maybe even catching Pokemon. Your phones battery will drain quickly during these long 12+ hour days. Make sure to bring a portable charger, or two so you don’t miss out on any opportunities to tweet or snap a quick flick w/ your fav rapper.

• Have gum &/or breath mints on deck. – You’ll be conversating NON-STOP so you don’t want to offend anyone with some harsh breath. Pack up on some gum and breath mints and keep those conversations fresh.


• Hand sanitizer – You’ll also be shaking a lot of hands. No need to spread germs. Make sure to keep those hands washed and bring some hand sanitzer so you or your squad don’t get sick.

• Stay hydrated with lots of water & make sure to eat to stay fueled up. If you’re attending both the conference and the shows, you’re going to be drained. Make sure you get some of that good ol’ Southern cooking in your system and also lots of water. Sweet Tea works too!

• A Positive Attitude – Leave Negative Nancy at home. Come ready to meet new people, create new relationships and build with everyone around you.

TheBlowUp team will be at the festival so make sure you say wasap! For passes and the full lineup, please visit

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