Tools You Need: FIVERR


Fiverr is an incredible market place where people seeking certain services can acquire them starting at just $5. These services can range from graphic design to audio/visual stuff and even engineering your music. There are literally thousands of creatives from all around the world that are accessible through this one website! You don’t have to pay any membership fees or extra costs, just simply provide an email to create a FREE account and you’re good to go!

Don’t let me mislead you though…services do begin at $5 but can add up with additional add-on’s like “receive your order within 24 hours for an extra $5” or “add color to your image for $10”. In my opinion, these add-on’s are worth it, just make sure you shop around and compare prices. Some like to charge an arm and a leg, while others are pretty fair with their prices.


As a creative, you too are able to utilize this website by selling your services. With your FREE account, you can create a post offering your skills and start making some money!

I’ve personally used this site several times and have hired folks for graphic work, changing image files and even proof reading articles. For a logo design, I only paid $25 and was able to receive it within 2 days, which also included all the different variations of file’s I would need to use for print and web. It’s always been super easy working with each individual and have been pretty pleased with all the work I’ve received.

So next time you need a flyer done, a new logo, an image file transformed into a larger file size, a press release written, a virtual assistant, or whatever else another human can do for you (over the internet), make sure to check out Fiverr! And don’t forget, those with skills can also join and start making some extra cash by freelancing your skills. The possibilities are truly endless through this unique market place!


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