INTERVIEW: Trilogi salutes 1 year anniversary with 8/7 benefit at Seattle’s Monkey Loft

By: Carrick Wenke

Definitely one of the most reputable and quality aspects of not only Seattle’s music scene, but also city culture in general, Trilogi has spent the last year spreading goodwill and positivity by combining the aspect of shows and throwing parties, with giving back to the community. Since the launch of their first event in August 2016, they have teamed up with different artists and promotions such as Fine Malt Lyrics, RudeAssMogli & Crow, Jay Morrison, Gifted Gab, Luna God, and more heavy hitters in Seattle and put together 8 events that have all raised a nice donation for a different charity. This August 7th marks the one year anniversary of the initial event and is to be held at Monkey Loft and will feature DJ sets from Chong The Nomad, and Toya B, and special performances from JusMoni and bluziblu, and a visual arts exhibit from Perry Paints, Izzy Vibes, OGNeeks, and Pinkyswear. 


Founders of Trilogi: L to R, Michelle Mai, Sylvia Wolf

How did Trilogi start? What were the origins of this respected Seattle non-profit?
Sylvia Wolf: We had the idea because we wanted to do something good for the community, but people our age are not interested in actually doing anything for the community – just talking about it. They’re more interested in partying. I’ve been working with nonprofits for several years now, and they always wanted me to reach out to my network to fundraise, but my network was broke 21 year olds who could donate like $2, but who would spend a bill at the club. We figured why not put the two together and make something very fun to attend and the proceeds can go to a good cause that’s relevant to our community.

Michelle Mai: To add to Sylvia’s answer, we came together a couple years ago with very similar visions. Sylvia had the non-profit experience and I had the promotional and marketing background. I had thrown a charity party previously with a past business partner a year or so before Trilogi was formed, and after that partnership fizzled out I was looking for ways to continue the parties. That’s when Sylvia and I started to put our heads together.

SW: This was also a whole new level of friendship for us.

MM: Definitely. We had really only known each other through the nightlife industry, but then we started seeing each other in the daylight.

SW: We saw each other in the daylight prior, but we then started to be business partners (laughs).

Since this is the one year anniversary of the first Trilogi event, what are some fond standout memories from the initial event?
MM: It was honestly really incredible to me to see all of these people we knew come out to support us. We threw our first party at this warehouse in SoDo and I was honestly scared nobody would show. But we had a great turn out and everyone there had a blast. The collective energy was so positive. That really motivated me to continue forward.

SW: Yeah I was also going to say that the first party was amazing. A huge rush of realizing that our dream had become a reality and that our community was there to support us and each other. Another one for me was coming out about my history of domestic violence. That was scary, it’s easy to feel ashamed as a survivor, but a lot of people came out and supported, and I think we broke a record that party with donations. Mary’s Place is such a great organization. It’s mainly just really cool to see people coming out to support the community. We are no one without each other.

MM: Mary’s Place was a great party, that was the one from a few months back, in April. I also enjoyed going to Youthcare and feeding kids for Thanksgiving. It was a really fun experience getting a group together and just cooking and having fun. I want to do that again next year, but on an even bigger scale.

SW: That was dope. I 100% agree, maybe The Blow Up Co can volunteer with us.

MM: I think overall when we choose these causes it’s just another reminder of how lucky we are. We have a roof over our heads, a bed to sleep in, and a space place to go to when we need it. Not everyone has that, and it’s always a reminder to me to stay humble. So many people need help and we as Trilogi just want to do our part.

SW: Absolutely. We’ve been given a lot of privilege and it’s an honor to be able to use some privilege to give others a leg up.

MM: We’ve all had rough experiences in the past or have had to do things out of necessity to survive, now that we are in a better position, it just makes sense to help those that need it.

What was your all time favorite Trilogi event?
SW: Honestly I have a feeling that the one year will be my favorite, but if I had to choose one we already did, it would be between the Gifted Gab show at Rhino Room, and the Mary’s Place show at Therapy Lounge. Both were extremely lit and they were causes I was really excited about. I think bluziblu‘s voice is chilling too, so I’m excited to have her open for JusMoni at the 1 year. Also the Gifted Gab show is where I met Luke for the first time, but I promptly forgot and you had to reintroduce us again at Q in April (laughs).

MM: Yeah I have to agree, it was definitely the show with Gifted Gab, it was so lit and so many people showed up and didn’t even bat an eye when we asked for donations at the door. It was a great night and I even got on the mic and said something.


What’s going on at the 1 year event in August?
SW: So the 1 year anniversary is an art party, somewhat of a nod to our premiere party which was Perry Paints first live painting party, I believe. Sidenote: Perry then went on to teach a watercolor class for my elementary school students so three cheers to Perry! Anyhow, we will have live art, and pieces for sale. Music will be provided by Toya B and Chong The Nomad, with a special live performance by bluziblu and our headliner JusMoni. We’re benefitting the Seattle Young People’s Project, which works to empower youth to be leaders in their communities. They particularly support marginalized youth such as African American youth and LGBTQ youth. We are extremely excited to support an organization with such a worthy and authentic cause.

MM: This will be our biggest event yet and we have to definitely thank Austin Santiago and Do206 for partnering with us on the promotions.

SW: This was a huge partnership for us, and for me, it felt like recognition that we are doing something right. This party definitely could not have happened without the support of our new team member Brooklyn, who helped secure the venue.

Is there anything we can look forward to once we begin year two?
SW: More and bigger parties, and some out of state featured artists.

MM: Over the next few years we really want to take our parties on a more national scale, bigger artists, bigger venues, and  hopefully continue to break fundraising records for all the incredible causes we are supporting.

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