Underground Hype: Alex Alexander

Interview By: Carrick Wenke

The great thing about today’s world is you can practice many different crafts without being refined to one thing Alex Alexander is a rapper second, and a filmmaker first. His film company, Lexscope, has not only produced videos for many artsits but has dabbled in short films, which he plans on continuing focus on for the rest of the year, post his newly released debut EP I HATE ALEX.


Who Are You? What Do You Wanna Tell The World About Yourself?
I’m Alex Alexander, aka Lexscope, aka the mimosa king, aka Mr. “I just woke up from a nap I’m sorry I missed your calls and texts”. I feel like I’m obligated to tell people that I’m a filmmaker first, and then a musician, because apparently there’s a lot of discrepancies. People will be like “Oh you’re a rapper?”, and I do but film is like the main bitch and music is the side bitch, you know what I mean? I’m always gonna come home to film, but I’m gonna be fuckin’ on music too.

What/Who Are Your Main Inspirations For Making Music?
I started making music after this girl that I super liked cheated on me, and I was hella sad. Around that time Kanye’s 808’s & Heartbreaks came out, but I wouldn’t say that was the main thing because I was also listening to a lot of Cudi. I don’t know, a lot of times making music is hella sad, but also having hella fun, so it’s both ends of the spectrum. As far as inspirations, it goes, Biggie, 3 stacks, Marvin Gaye, Panic At The Disco, Jimi, Curren$y, ’04 Wayne, Asking Alexandria. A lot of my friends are dope at music too, I was going through my Soundcloud playlist earlier and like 5 of the songs in a row were people I know personally and hangout with and shit.

Who Are Some Producers You Work With?
Realistically, I’m still quote unquote “pretty new to the music scene”, so I wouldn’t say I work with buku amounts of producers. I work with DJ QJ from :30, he actually engineers all my shit. I go to that dude if I’m like, “Hey dude I got this song, I got some beer…”. For the project I worked with a dude named Mike Myth, I work with this producer in Florida, her name is Chan, but she actually made a score for me so that’s kinda different, more on the film side.


Are You Affiliated With Any Artists Or Crews?
Other then the Lexscope brand, not really, it’s just me and my lil’ bro. But at the same time I’ll be quick to tell a mother fucker, “Hey your shits dope”. I’m not in a group or nothing like that, I’m not in a boy band or nothing… I hangout with people, but I don’t really make music with them yet. In retrospect, that’s a very generalized question.

Who Are Some Artists You Wish To Work With In The Future?
Locally, definitely :30, Peasant Boys, Aramis, ILLFIGHTYOU, Swanks, all the heavy hitters in Tacoma, really. Bruce Leroy, Cally Reed. I’m never gonna be approaching someone like “Yo let’s make song”, but if it happens naturally I’m with it. I guess globally, all the people I listen to, Curren$y, Gambino, “Kush & OJ” Wiz. I wanna time travel back and work with that Wiz. Asher Roth, Pusha-T. Anyone who I can see them drop music on my twitter timeline and immediately stop what I’m doing and click play.

Who is God Blessin’?
I thought long and hard about that one, I feel like if there is a God, he or she or it is definitely not blessing me. Plus I’ve been Agnostic since ’09 so that’s probably why.


So you’re more known for film, how did you get start rapping?
To keep it hot, I actually started rapping a long time ago like in High School, back when I was going by A-Lex. Nobody knows that besides the North Carolina homies I went to High School with. Back in the day I dropped a closet recorded mixtape called The Epic Adventures Of A-Lex, it was hella funny. I did that and just kinda got bored with it after a while and just stopped doing it. About 5 years later I was like “I got sum’n to say” and that was that. Actually my little brother got me back into rapping, that kid is nasty as fuck. He sends me all his shit and I pay for studio time and hear everything and I’ll be like “damn that’s dope”, and that’s what got me back into it.

You recently dropped the “Amnesia” video that was filmed in LA, how was that experience?
That was my first time ever going to L.A. and we had to shoot a video to commemorate our awesome ass experience there. I have a home girl that lives there that I know from North Carolina and she was like “Yeah if you bring all your cameras and shit I’ll shoot it for you, and you can edit it”. One of the scenes, we went to a random roof party with the big homie Neon Dion, we went to the beach, it was just a random collection of shots that came out really cool. I wish I could say we planned it out and had a story board.

What was your favorite late 90s/early 2000s Disney channel original movie?
High School Musical.


When Can We Expect Your Next Project To Drop?
The EP just dropped on the 19th, it’s called I Hate Alex. The “Amnesia” video dropped on the 2nd. There’s actually a song that didn’t make it on I Hate Alex that will come out in about two weeks. After this project, truthfully I’m probably gonna focus on film for the rest of the year. I’m gonna make some more videos but as far as new musical content, I’m just gonna be focusing on films. I wanted to drop an EP and I had a lot of fun doing it but now I gotta get back to real life.

Anything Else?
I guess aside from music and film and everything, if you want a desired result, either you’re gonna find it out or not.

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