Underground Hype: Anvil

Interview By: Carrick Wenke

Photos By: Zach Fajardo

First time I met Anvil was last summer when I was throwing a local showcase and needed a DJ, and Sneak Guapo referred him to me as the one who was going to turn it up the most. He wasn’t wrong. I kept in touch with Anvil and he became one of my good friends and favorite producers, local or non local. Easily one of the most versatile up and coming producer’s around, Anvil can flip a Rock sample, an anime sample, or a traditional sample and turn it into something completely different. Keep an eye on Anvil this summer while he continues leveling up with the Odd Future guys, (Anvil taught Left Brain how to use Maschine, btw).



Who Are You? What Do You Wanna Tell The World About Yourself?

My name is Anvil, I’m an 18 year old Producer with a really big dream to overcome shitty producers.

What/Who Are Your Main Inspirations For Making Music?

I’d have to say Miles Davis, Charles Mingus, and a lot of old Jazz. As far as it goes for current producers, I’m not really inspired by anyone, besides how they’re moving. I don’t really know how to explain it. I’d have to say Erick Arc Elliot, and my other main main producer at this point is Misogi, because he’s 17 and he kind of had the same expectations as I did when I was a kid for making it out into a really big world of production.

Who Are Some Artists That You’re Working With?

When I started, I worked with Skate Gang, also known as Skategawd Livingston and all them. After that it went to Moor Gang affiliates and Thraxxhouse affiliates such as Sneak Guapo, Mackned, Cam The Mac. I also have these really cool homies Solar Sam, Crow, & Lil Soda Boi, those are some homies I’m working with outta the town. As far as it goes outside of the town, I’m working with Odd Future at the moment. Me and Left Brain have 4 or 5 tracks, and I’m gonna be working with Mike G and Domo Genesis soon. My list of artists is huge, it’s kinda hard to name them all off but that’s just a few.

Are You Affiliated With Any Artists Or Crews?

Yeah, at the moment I’ve been fucking with Thraxxhouse, but at the end of the day I’m not really affiliated with anyone, it’s more or less just collaborations. I’m an independent entity.

Who Are Some Artists You Wish To Work With In The Future?

I definitely wanna strike a hit with Flatbush Zombies. I wanna do more with Jarv Dee. Me and him have a hit called “Water”, that’s been out for a minute, so definitely wanna work with him again. I wanna strike a hit with Nacho Picasso soon because he’s just a crazy guy and I fuck with that. I wanna work with Tyler The Creator for sure, especially since I’m gonna be working with Left Brain a lot in the future. Definitely wanna work with the Underachievers, etc. A lot of the really inspired artists that are coming up young. It’s like young move, young wave.

Who is God Blessin’?

Young Anvil, and my mama. Shout out my mama.

What Are Your Top Samples That You’ve Ever Found?

One of the top samples I’ve ever tweaked with was probably this Ella Fitzgerald one I did when I was like 14. I remember making it, and that was actually when I first met Mackned through the internet because I sent him that beat and he was like “Damn bro, this is fire”. Him and Guapo were supposed to body that shit, but you know how that goes. My second favorite sample would have to be a Tame Impala song that I sampled and flipped and turned into a pretty neat little Hip Hop song that me and Rob Sims are gonna be dropping soon. That’s definitely a rare sample. I also sampled the Grizzly Bears on a track, they’re an indie punk rock band. I can’t really remember a lot of the old shit I’ve sampled other than that because it’s all foreign country shit, like shit that I don’t even know what’s being said.

You Mostly Stay In Portland, What’s The Scene Like Down There?

I know some good artists down there like HV Gutter, and my producer homie Sleep. Portland’s not as much of a fast paced area, and Seattle is moving.


How Did You Link Up With Left Brain, and How Has It Been Working With Him and Odd Future In LA?

I hooked up with Left Brain at Nacho Picasso’s Surf School Recordings drop for the project him and Harry Fraud had. They pulled up because they had a show with SIQFUX the day after. No one really ran up on them and said what’s up and shit, and at first I was like “Yup that’s Mike G”, and “Shit, that’s Left Brain at the bar”. So I just kinda went up and said what’s up and got their info and met Left Brain and he gave me his email, and I told them I was ready to work. He gave me his email, I went back home and made a sample and sent it to him and he sent it back the day after my birthday and was like “Yeah, Domo might hop on this”. But yeah, he sent me the track instantly and I actually went out to L.A. recently and linked with him and ended up meeting most of Odd Future, and branching out and expanding my music to them and they fucked with it. Me and Left Brain made like 5 beats and I actually taught him how to use Maschine. That was pretty neat because he was definitely an inspiration to me.

When Can We Expect Your Next Anvil Work To Drop?

I actually have this really big project with my homie Solar Sam, and we’ve been working on it for the past couple months, they’re definitely some of my best slaps. My homie Wiggy shot a video for one of the tracks and it was definitely lit. I also got a project with Saga Breeze and an album with my Fav artist’s on my best beats called Anvilmentals coming out too.

IMG_5657 (1)

Anything Else?

Never make yourself have a limit, always just peddle to the meddle. When I started producing I was 11, and I’m about to turn 19, so I have 8 years of experience. Definitely don’t feel like being a certain age, or like you don’t have the right potential because that’s something you can unlock for yourself. If I can do it, anyone can do it. You just gotta put your all into it and you’ll definitely get something out of it. Shout out my Moms.

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