Underground Hype: .bluziblu

Interview By: Carrick Wenke

After first hearing of .bluziblu on Yohiness’ 2015 project Another One Of Those Short Ass EP’s, I can’t lie, it took me a sec to actually venture away from her impressive features on his tracks and actually listen to her solo music. Better late than never though as now her SoundCloud has been steady in rotation as one of my favorites to reference my daily playlist to. From the experimental jazzy sound of the opening track on her most recent collection, Freakz, to the sumptuous groove of “Celebrate”, blu brings reminiscent sounds of the mid 90’s Neo-Soul phenomena that brought us constant classics. Her sound is already classic in my book😎.


Who are you? What do you wanna tell the world about yourself?
My name is .bluziblu, I’m a just somewhat versatile kid. I like artsy thingz and beingz. I also like the letter Z.

I’m the youngest in from the (FENDY) crew
I’m from Federal Way(ve), WA.
What/Who are your main inspirations for making music?
It’s gonna sound cliche as shit but Michael Jackson off tops is one of my inspirations musically.

I feel like I inherited my range growing up listening to a lot of him, Lauryn Hill & Anthony Hamilton and other lovejonez songbirds. In addition to those Dons, the Odd Future gang + Majid Jordan have a special place in my heart.
But I would have to say the biggest inspo I’ve ever come across is most definitely love and heart break. It’s the only thing that helps me cultivate the energy it takes to write a song. You can never feel too little when it comes to those two concepts.
Who are some producers you work with?
In my recent work, I’ve collaborated with Dru On Beats from New Track City, Jordan Velarde, Wolfy, YungUglee, + the great, Danilo. 

Are you affiliated with any local artists or crews?
I am affiliated with all of those dank producers I listed above, Yohiness, Jay Morrison, Zhane, Newb, Junyii, Kasey Andre, Siah, Najea + plenty more amazing artists. The list goes on.
Who are some artists (local or non local) you wish to work with in the future?
I’m a stupid fan of Porter Ray, I would love to work with him.

I honestly want to work with so many people from all over. My head hurts trying to pick a select few.
Every so often while listening to a song with me you’ll hear me be like “fuck I would diiiiie to work with ______” lol
Is your bitch bad or boujee?
My bitch is bad and boujee as hell. Sometimes a little too boujee. But I dig that shit.
Most recently you released your latest project “Freakz” which is four seperate pieces of music in one track clocking in at 15 minutes long. Is there a reason you made it one track, or just a coincidence? If so why?
Freakz is a 5 song compilation of just weird emotions I experienced the past few years with a very dear person to me. I’m really in love with the idea of an EP actually being an extended play, not to mention it tells a story of the series of events in which everything took place with this person. And which of course only makes the most sense to me since there’s not much elaboration in each song but mostly word play, I don’t really mind the mystery behind my project, it keeps the ventilation simple and relatable yet still sacred and personal to me.
You’ve done a lot of work with Yohiness, how did that partnership come about?
Man oh man. that boy Yoseph is legit the big brother that my mother never gave birth to. He found me. Out of everyone in Fed (musically) him and Justin, we’re the first few people to really get me recorded and talk music with me. I was originally supposed to be on Eviction way back then, but I was being a shy little shit and was not satisfied with my vocals what so ever, shortly after that Yo and I recorded “Can I Call You Baby”. We were low-key a little duo, I was always alongside Yo at his performances backin him up. Aside from us just being regular ass friends off stage and out side of the booth, those Federal Way boys are my brothers. I’ve literally watched us work our talks into existence, even if we’re not where we want to be just yet were doing things now that we wanted to do then….now….

it seems like just yesterday we were all standing on Justin’s balcony smoking + daydreaming, now everyone’s utilizing their skills to the better advantages we’ve gained over time. And it’s sick. There’s so much more to come. It’s just one of those things I can feel in my veins.

Being from the Federal Way area, how has the music scene you’ve been a part of been like?
Being from Federal Way it seemed like everyone was doing the same shit, talking about the same shit (& literally not talking about shit) on tracks and even I was kicking it with people who I really didn’t correlate well with musically, or in general but I thought that because we we’re all “friends” and we all did music it didn’t matter what genres we liked bc we could try to put each other on… but it just didn’t work like that..there’s a lot of competitive cliqiness bullshit that happens in between every handshake and hug. Like someone always wants to be on top but don’t reciprocate love. The difference in the taste in music played a big part in this on my behalf. I eventually started to separate myself from a lot of the folks I was hanging around and it helped me start my musical journey (mind you I was only like 16 or 17 at the time, big transitions were happening before my eyes, quick.) That’s when I met Yo and started making connections with like Junyii and Newb and shit. I started making music that I actually like. that I actually feel. and I don’t gotta listen to what everyone else is listening to just cuz we in the same room. Like when I’m around any of these people we vibe, back then it wasn’t like that.

I feel like right now Federal Way is taking its few steps into its largest prime. Yeah there was a few people who might’ve made it out of here but they don’t rep it. I would hope to see more art from the people I know from my town. Including myself.
Whats your favorite Disney Channel Original Movie?
My favorite Disney movie has got to be Atlantis: Milos return + Hercules
If u a real one U. KNOW. WHY.

When Can we expect your next project to drop?
I’m giving up on music……  nah I’m playin but indeed, I do have another project in the works. I don’t wanna say too much about it but…… (-:

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