Underground Hype: Dizzi Slick

Interview & Photos By: Carrick Wenke


Whether or not he only has 1 project out currently, Dizzi Slick is already a Seattle legend. For most of 2014 and 2015, you couldn’t help but see “FREE DIZZI SLICK” posted in big bold letters somewhere, which tentatively became the title to his much anticipated debut project. Even before The Seattle Times listed him at the beginning of the year as one of their top 6 Rappers to watch out for, I feel like I was already hearing people hailing him as one of the best to ever come out of the town, and that he is one of the most clever and naturally gifted punch-liners since Nacho’s emergence.

Who Are You? What Do You Wanna Tell The World About Yourself?

I’m Dizzi Slick. I’m from THRAXXHOUSE, UDF. I’m a local rapper, been rapping for a long time, and I just started dropping shit and getting more serious about my shit recently.

What/Who Are Your Main Inspirations For Making Music?

I have to say Mac Dre, definitely. People tell me I sound like Mac Dre a lot. Slick Rick, too. Slick Rick is the reason why my name is Dizzi Slick. He used to be my favorite rapper when I was young and I always wanted to have that complex flow, you feel me?

Who Are Some Producers That You Work With?

My main producer is Seno, and my other main producer is Khrist Koopa, from UDF. Other than that I just work with all of the producers on THRAXXHOUSE, and all the producers on UDF, and whoever wants to work with me other than that.


Are You Affiliated With Any Artists Or Crews?

Nah, just THRAXXHOUSE and UDF. Bolo Nef, Caz Greez. All the THRAXXHOUSE people. That’s pretty much it.

Who Are Some Artists You Wish To Work With In The Future?

I wanna get a song with Nacho Picasso, but that’s in the works already. Jarv Dee. I always wanna work with SneakGuapo, but I’ve already worked with him before. Mackned, worked with him too. I wanna do a song with Cam The Mac and Jarv Dee. I know all those guys I just haven’t worked with them yet.

Who Is God Blessin’?

All the trap niggas and all the thraxx niggas.

When You Linked With (Producer) Seno, You Were Both Pretty Unknown And New To Music, What Is The Origin Of You Two Getting Together And Working?

Well, I went to Shoreline Community College for a little bit and I only had like 1, or 2 songs out. And somebody showed Seno, and he was like “I wanna work with this dude”. And somebody had told me about him, and randomly I just ran into him at the school and then we were like “You Wanna work?”, and we ended up making “Smoothies”, and we ended up making “Saiyan”. Those are two of my most classic songs now.


How Did You Originally Link With The Guys In UDF?

I was just hanging out at this spot where a lot of Moor Gang people hung out over on 12th and Jefferson, by S.U., and everyone would always just be kickin’ it over there. Bolo Nef came over, and I showed him one of my songs and he was like, “What is this?? Nobodies paying attention to this? He’s not in Moor Gang or anything?”. I had already known those Moor Gang dudes for hella long, and he was like, “Bro you need to fuck with UDF”. So I went over, made a song with them, and became UDF instantly.

You’re Kinda Infamous For Being A Heavyweight In The Westlake Freestyle Battles, Do You Have Any Standout Stories From That Time?

Yeah I actually do. One time I was walking around, I was 18 probably, there was a show at Neumos, and it was a night that Capital Hill was completely dead. The show at Neumos was some Tacoma rappers or something, and there was nobody at there show, but they came hella deep. After the show I was like “Spit something”, and the dude was acting all bougie like, “Nah you gotta pay me to spit something”. So I started rapping, gassed him, and then his other homie started rapping and I ended up killing all 20 of their rappers and telling them to go home.


When Can We Expect Your Next Project To Drop?

Well, definitely I’m going to have another project drop before New Years. I don’t have a release date or anything yet, but I got a project in the works that has 5 songs done already, and like, 2 more in the works. There’s gonna be some nice features on there, a Mackned feature, probably a Nacho Picasso feature, I’m definitely trying to lock that in, some SneakGuapo, and just a lot of me.

Anything Else?

Nothing much, I just know people are going to be seeing a lot of me, and I’m trying to give them some more visuals and consistency so my fans aren’t hungry for more Dizzi Slick.


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