Underground Hype: drownmili & Burnkas from 999Mob

By: Carrick Wenke

My first ever interaction with anything 999Mob related was seeing a circulating video of what looked to be a packed warehouse 999 show with the whole crowd going crazy as someone was hanging from the ceiling. Right up my alley. It was not long after that I started speaking with group members drownmili & Burnkas and getting familiar with their music. These guys have the perfect DIY style which features generally dark subject matter and influence found in titles such as “Grunge Is Not Dead”, “Gold Noose Babe 2” & “You Gon’ Die Today”. While being underground and from the East Coast, 999Mob & drownmili & Burnkas however have experienced quite a bit of praise from legendary underground platforms such as Elevator, who they collab with on releasing most of their visuals, and Kreayshawn who tweeted “BITCH I’LL MAKE YO HEAD LEAN” which is derived from drownmili’s single “Make Yo Head Lean” which experienced some viral success earlier this year :+) .


Who are you? What do you wanna tell the world about yourselves?
drownmili: I am drownmili aka lil existential aka lil drown shit aka milivicious, and I actually would rather the world not know anything about me besides that I know how to make great music.
BurnkasBurnkas is the name, but y’all can call me Kasper. I’m From New York and I am what they call an optimistic Crip nigga (laughs). To sum it all up its a great experience to meet me (Kasper).

What/Who are your main inspirations for making music?
drownmili: My biggest inspiration comes from the greats like Kanye, Pharrell & 3 Stax.
Burnkas: My biggest inspiration is NWA. I started making music when I heard “Fuck Tha Police”, as well as Odd Future if you want something recent. I come from a really dark sound; I don’t want to go to in depth, because I would end up saying a whole bunch of names of artists and groups.

Who are some producers that you work with?
drownmili: TerrorGav is the nigga I fuck with the most. But I met a lot of the producers I fuck with like BruhManeGod, Shenzhin, HENNEY, & OG Tint through social media.
Burnkas: My main producer is TerrorGav, I also worked with my homies Juice Eff Dope, Kendrick, Henney, Gangsta Loc, Grimm Doza , Adrian Lau, etc. They know who they are and I appreciate them all for helping me create this original sound.


Are you affiliated with any other artists or crews?
drownmili: I’m 999MoB and I’m a part of a collective called “NY RAGERS”.
Burnkas: Man I’m 999 thats all I fuck with, them other niggas that I fuck with know who they are though.

Who are some artists you wish to work with in the future?
drownmili: Steve Lacy. That nigga is tight as fuck. If I wasn’t a rapper I’d probably be making music like him, that nigga go hard. And Tame Impala!
Burnkas: Vince Staples even though he a bitch ass Crip nigga.

Is your bitch bad or boujee?
drownmili: My bitch bad but like on some librarian secretary shit.
Burnkas: My shawty is both Cro, she keep it real. Shout out to Malika she is my queen.


What is the history behind MOB999? How did it get started and who are the members?
drownmili: I started off making spoof songs to Soulja Boy songs and it was getting clout in school. BurnKas approached me and told me he wanted to form a group with me
and a couple of other kids in our grade. That’s when we were like, 12-13.
Burnkas: Mob999 stems from our middle school days, we used to be called “K.W.A.D”, kids with a dream. All those old members are dead and gone RIP to they rap careers, but the 999  is me, drownmili, Blaze, Ley, TerrorGav, Auntie Slay, Cokeskin Jim, RapeOmalley. We all came together through the music & acid.

You guys collabed on the “Boof Pack” track, is there a full drownmilli x Burnkas tape in the works?
drownmili: Hell yeah. It’s like basically done we’ve been recording for it for a year now, but we’re just waiting ’til the time is right ya know?
Burnkas: Hell yeah man, wait on it I been recording it for a year with him and it’S currently being finalized DROWN&BURN is on the way!!!

When Can we expect your next project to drop?
drownmili: Definitely expect a new drownmili project within the next couple of months! Sad Faces Vol. 2.
Burnkas: I can’t give you any exact dates but expect a lot of singles releasing soon.

Anything else?
Burnkas: FREE PIMP FREE TAYK FREE BANKS. Mob9k. 999k. Drown Kas & Burn Mili, you know how we gettin’ it, straight outta New York what’s Craccin!

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