Underground Hype: ICEDOUTFLAME$ & Vin¢Vega of Genuine Crooks

Interview By: Carrick Wenke

In being such a big fan of UDF, it’s needless to say I get hyped when I hear of a potential affiliation they might have, as well as (obviously) all new releases from their camp. One day while on Twitter I came across a BB Sun retweet which happened to be the announcement of new ICEDOUTFLAME$ project SlappHouse. After giving it one listen I was hooked and delved right into Genuine Crooks history, peaking at God’s Art, featuring some ultra rare UDF production. Falling in line with their UDF counterparts, Genuine Crooks keep it turnt up in a dark fashion, with more of a Based influence (made clear in ICEDOUTFLAME$ Based World homage “Dirty Vans”.


Who Are You? What Do You Wanna Tell The World About Yourself?

Vin¢Vega: We are the Genuine Crooks, San Jose based collective making some hyphy trap shit for ya ears. This is the Leader of the Pack, Vin¢Vega. The world gotta know if you listen to my music and see what I see, I fuck wit you, and if you don’t see what I see, keep listening.
P.S. the Earth is flat
ICEDOUTFLAME$: I am ICEDOUTFLAME$ from the Bottom Of The Bay, you know CROOK$HIT, UDF, all that. I’m out here tryna bring something new to the table, doing whatever the fuck I want, saying whatever the fuck I want. There ain’t no limits when all the Crooks together feel me, whether we’re working or on some other shit.

What/Who Are Your Main Inspirations For Making Music?

Vin¢Vega: I been going dumb since the yellow bus so I can pull a bunch of names out the hat. Mac Dre will probably be my biggest Hyphy influence & Gucci Mane probably my biggest influence and you know that lyrical miracle shit goes to Wu-Tang and Eminem hahaha but since I started making music I’ve been my biggest inspiration.
ICEDOUTFLAME$: Yeeee we keep it hyphy all day, I love seeing people go dumb our shit. Mac Dre & Lil B probably the biggest influences in my music. UDF too, they really showed us we can do this music shit. But currently my biggest inspiration are the people around me and myself cause I really in believe in our movement.

Who Are Some Producers That You Work With?

BOTH: Shiiiiiiit, Clouds hahahah.

ICEDOUTFLAME$: We lowkey work with a lot of different people, mostly people we used to fuck wit before we started making music and shit, friends and such, but now the majority is just Genuine Crooks producers or UDF.
Vin¢Vega: Genuine Crooks producers are Clouds, P Dubbs, Javien, Samuraii Jakk, and if my nigga NX NVMX wanna quit playin’ and rejoin the squad then him too hahahaha, and the UDF producers have worked with have mainly been Khrist Koopa & Trowa Barton, but everybody has gotten a placement on something. We just need an AJ Suede beat now haha.

Are You Affiliated With Any Artists Or Crews?

Vin¢Vega: CROOK$HIT, UDF 27 Club, 533, Out Here shit, Genuine Scumbags and a whole bunch of real niggas that ride wit us.
ICEDOUTFLAME$: With that being said, FREE RAIDER.

Who Are Some Artists You Wish To Work With In The Future?

Vin¢Vega: B.o.B. hahahaha the Earth is really flat bro, my nigga Lil Germ$ got a SGP beat in the locker, but won’t let me have it so I need one for myself besides that Crook$hit. I need the rare Slane feat.
ICEDOUTFLAME$: Lil B, I need Lil B on the Dirty Vans Remix it’s only right since he the reason I wear these dirty ass vans erryday hahaha! But on some real shit I’m tryna work wit Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire, Imma make that shit happen though nobody gonna be ready. Other than that I ain’t really interested in working wit nobody, I got all the Crooks round me if I need a feature they’ll body whatever I’ll send em feel me!

Who is God Blessin’?

Vin¢Vega: hahahaha I ain’t gon’ say all that Generic shit but if you listen to my music “God Bless me without sneezing”.

How Did Genuine Crooks Originally Form?

Vin¢Vega: In highschool i was real scumbag, ditching class all the time, getting high with my nigga Kevin Lee Guitierez (NV) we were a duo. We had always just been rapping on instrumentals till we decided to take shit serious so the Genuine Crooks became a reality. Kevin brought it up and I immediately stuck with it. It’s been a few years since he passed away but I’ll always give full credit to him for putting me on this path. First member that was ever made a Crook was Don Dillinger hahaha, he was apart of the duo from the beginning he was really out there ditching, smoking, and getting high with us. My nigga P Dubb G has always been there pushing me till my music inspired him to make a move and now he’s making moves. Samurai Jakk always been rocking with the Crooks if you haven’t heard “Soul of a Samurai”. I met the loaded weapon $lim in AZ, that nigga was the plug hahaha, we were always off the shits making moves till I told ’em it was time to join and make moves wit us. Then my first move made in the process of coming back to the Bay from AZ was linking wit Flame$. Slane put me on and I peeped “Out Here Shit Pt. 1” and it was a wrap all those niggas were Crooks after that.
ICEDOUTFLAME$: I linked up wit Vega through mutual friends, Slane & NX NVMX which we mentioned earlier. NX NVMX was producing for both us back then, he told me bout Vega and was like y’all gotta link, Vega was out in AZ tho. Next time he came back to San Jose we linked up. We been on the same page wit this music shit since day 1, he asked me to be a Crook and I was like “yeee I’m wit the shits”. Together we just started killing shit. “Immortals” was our first song together and we bodied that. The vision just kept growing from there. I brought my niggas Skunk & Lil Germ$ wit me though hahaha, those niggas are my day ones they been fuckin’ wit me since before I was making music and shit. I got em into rapping and surprisingly they got lowkey serious with it too haha we’re the Out Here Boyz, we really out here and shit hahaha OH and Clouds, I met that nigga like around the time we started getting serious with music too, he had just started making beats, told em we should link up he been my nigga ever since. That nigga was a blessing to us hahaha he really helped shape our sound feel me. Vega been tryna recruit that nigga since day one but he was on some other shit when we met em so I would always tell Vega “nah he not gon be wit it he got his own shit going right now” but we was always linked up since day 1 feel me. Eventually we just started working heavy, we was on some make music every day shit really, just kicking it, smoking weed and shit. Then one day we was kicking it at the nigga Deven Bandana’s house, shout out Deven Bandana!!!! & Vega told Clouds “bro just be a Crook” and this nigga replied wit “bro I been a Crook” and its been official since then hahahaha shit was rare, lots of rare moments with the Crooks. It’s really been crazy watching all of us progress.
How Did The UDF Affiliation Come About?


Vin¢Vega: In 2012 Slane put me onto Skull & Bones project with BSBD and since then I been fuckin wit ’em on a personal level. I met some of them about a year ago, but Slane been fuckin wit all of em on a personal level as well. As you can tell this a cult, this is a belief.
ICEDOUTFLAME$: Slane pretty much put the whole city onto UDF out here, errybody that fucks wit em out here is cause of Slane off tops. I remember when he put me on I was like “Wtf is this, shit was crazy”. I remember first time hearing “Thru Da Trunk”, I was slappin that shit all day! As well as the rest of the UDF catalog. Thats fam though. Until Death & Forever.

When Can We Expect Your Next Project To Drop?

Vin¢Vega: Never, I’m horrible with release dates but I’m working on my solo shit and I can’t believe that ICEDOUTFLAME$ & $lim’s project wasn’t satisfactory enough for y’all, y’all should still be slapping God’s Art hahaha.
ICEDOUTFLAME$: me and $lim just dropped Rohto Bottle Filled Wit LSD, a small lil EP all produced by Trowa Barton. Shits crazy. Look forward to me & Skunk dropping some shit real soon too “Same Shit, Different Drugs” that shit boutta be crazy. We got some other shit in store for y’all this year, too but y’all gon have to wait on that.

Anything Else?

Vin¢Vega: Genuine Criminal/Rituals, expect a lot of awakenings throughout the entire project. We really have came a long way but this is just the beginning.
ICEDOUTFLAME$: Always stay posi, don’t give a fuck bout what anybody gotta say & stop sleeping on this Genuine shit. UDF, those are the sacred letters. Unity, Diversity & Freedom. It’s really more than music, these are our beliefs. We got infinite shit coming in the future. The work never stop.

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