Underground Hype: Jack The Spitter

By: Carrick Wenke

In my opinion, Jack The Spitter, Dert Mcspurt, Dirty Toblerone, three aliases, one man, is the definition of underrated. Ever since I discovered Ghoulavelii towards late 2015 I’ve been keeping up with everyone involved with his 4716 clique, and one that has always intrigued me is Beaverton’s own, Jack the Spitter. Some of his songs like “Hit That Fuccin Like” are absolutely chill. Some like “25GRRRLS” I could see Aramis bopping back and forth to. Some like “No Sir Pt. 3” are much more in your face. Regardless, Jack is a talented artist whose whole Soundcloud of self labelled “Cum Rock” songs, should be given a listen. NOVA, coming soon.

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Who are you? What do you wanna tell the world about yourself?
I’m Jack The Spitter AKA Dert Mcspurt AKA Dirty Toblerone, there’s many aliases but I just feel like Jack today so let’s go with that one.

What/Who are your main inspirations for making music?
I came up listening to Bowie my entire life so I feel like the whole schizophrenic need to do too much stuff and be too many people stems from that, and Glam Rock was kinda sick. You know that. As far as actual inspirations, I’d say Lil Ugly Mane, that type of thing. I fuck with a lot of Rock too. Sofa Surfers made me wanna actually start making music. I feel like I wanted to do it because of everything I liked, if that makes sense. I never really felt like I would just do Rap, I kinda thought I would start there and try to work with all these cats who would otherwise never know who I am.

Who are some producers you work with?
Big Bitter, he gives me my best shit every single time. Every now and then he will give me something that I will slap outta the park, totally not myself – it’s like an out of body thing. I really like Dari Loso. Khris P, Gary, and PHX. Also my man Old Kid, in Beaverton. He really comes through with that emotional shit that makes me wanna cry.

Are you affiliated with any artists or crews?
Besides 47? I’d say I have friends everywhere. I was in Murder Is Not A Crime, and that’s how I got that rare ass Chris Travis feature in 2014. They’re a producer trio from Australia and Canada. That really helped me get my foot in the door, honestly. Shout out to them, but other than that, 47 is my fam. I’m not affiliated with Handzum, but shout out to them.


Who are some artists you wish to work with in the future?
Myke Bogan, hometown hero for me. He’s probably one of the only people out of Portland that I respect musically. There’s so many people that are at arms reach, but I want them to feel like they could come to me, or have that want. ILLFIGHTYOU – literally anybody in ILLFIGHTYOU. I already got a track with Rozz (Dyliams) but it’s kinda unofficial so, Rozz. Nacho Picasso, of course, funniest man in rap. DoNormaal and Ralph Dozer are the most interesting people in the NW to me, I’m always infatuated with them.

Is your bitch bad or boujee?
She’s gone, man. She’s like a wave of energy right now so I don’t know if you’d call her bad or boujee. Shout out the universe though, I’m still smiling and strong.

Back to what you were saying earlier, in 2014 you did a track with SHWB member Chris Travis. How did that come about?
It was embarrassing on my part, I usually can call when people are gonna blow up but I really didn’t think he had any merit to his music when I first heard him. I was already working with Goonspit and them when I first heard him and he messaged me one day and asked me if I wanted to get on  a Chris Travis track. I kid you not I’m not trying to flex, but originally I said “no”. About 2 months later he sent me the feature and it was really what threw me deeper into the underground. I knew about a couple people here and there, like Yung Lean, but that kinda made me see that you could do more with music without drowning yourself with effects, or trying to sound like the smartest person on earth. Shout out to Chris Travis, I’m really happy to see him being successful and glowing.

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You’re from Beaverton, but you are very active with Tacoma’s music scene. What would you say the difference between the two is? 
Oregon, there’s none. Washington, there’s plenty of venues to literally and figuretively get your shit out. There’s people who are genuinely trying to support you and see you shine. That’s why I’m trying to move up, I got love for Beaverton, I always defend it because it has a lot of haters, but I’ve always gotten way more love in Tacoma and Seattle. There seems to be more of a want for self-success, and for everyone else around them to succeed too. I don’t know if everyone sees it that way but coming from a place where there’s so much segregation and everybody wants to shit on the next person, it’s really refreshing for me.

How did you join forces with the guys in 47?
Random as fuck. I got introduced to Crimewave through my ex. After we broke up he still wanted to make music with me so I made a couple tracks with him and that’s when I heard of Ghoulavelii, when he had almost nothing out. I messaged him and almost immediately he wanted to do a track so we rapped over some shitty TeamSesh beat and eventually he sent me a text saying “you’re in BBE now”. Ever since I’ve been mad grateful.

When Can we expect your next project to drop?
Dert said it’s gonna be a little longer than we thought it would. I tried to talk him out of it, but he wants it to be perfect so we’re probably gonna shoot for August. Expect to see some leaves changing and to change, also.

Anything Else?
Shout out to the Paris Agreement. I really wish we woulda been smarter on that but you gotta deal the cards your dealt so try to recycle more and use less water. Shower’s don’t have to be 20 minutes. Shout out to Carrick, he can shower as long as he wants because he’s prettier than half of the girls in Oregon. I’m not gonna say Seattle because there’s some crazy pretty girls up there.

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