Underground Hype: JGRXXN

Interview By: Carrick Wenke

Ever since the emergence of Soundcloud and social media there has been many a legendary underground producer/artist, but one who comes to mind immediately for some, including myself, is JGRXXN. It’s no secret that Three 6 Mafia is a major influence in his and his crew Schemaposse’s music, but it’s no copy. J picks up where they left off in their Relativity Records days, and gives his own respectful take on it. In being such a dope artist, this has gained him much props and even collabs with Three 6 members such as Koopsta Knicca, and Da Mafia 6ix. He’s also kicking off the Grayscale Tour this week which includes himself, Suicideboys, Black Smurf, Rvmirxz, and special guests, which will be a legendary tour in itself, so if you are lucky enough to have them stop in your city, you better go.


Who Are You? What Do You Wanna Tell The World About Yourself?

I’m JGRXXN…and I’m black so my life definitely matters.

What/Who Are Your Main Inspirations For Making Music?

Myself and DJ Screw.

Who Are Some Producers That You Work With?

Me and some guys who I can’t name because I don’t know if they are going to be around past 3 months.

Are You Affiliated With Any Artists Or Crews?

The Underground.

Who Are Some Artists You Wish To Work With In The Future?

Al B. Sure!… He’s dope af.

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Who Is God Blessin’?

The guy who does that “Hotline Bling” dance.

How did you originally form Schemaposse?

I was in this shitty ass room and thought it would be cool… and I was right, it’s pretty cool… and the room is still shitty.

Koopsta Knicca recently passed away and not only was he a major influence on you but you also got to work with him and Da Mafia 6ix. Do you remember your first time hearing his work, or your first time hearing 3-6’s work, and how did you guys finally get together to collab?

My friend brought over his CD after school one day, I was like “damn this is hard”. First heard about Three 6 Mafia in Elementary School, and we first started working when Juicy J flew me to Memphis, met everyone there.


When Can We Expect Your Next Project To Drop?

There’s probably a new one out by now, I fucking work bro!

Anything Else?

I like girls with hips so if you have those I will proudly be Moon Walking in those DMs very shortly, and I met this one chick she was cool and now she’s a fucking bitch… I hope she gets ran over by a fucking MAC truck… Stupid Bitch…

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