Underground Hype: Jiggyjerms

By: Carrick Wenke

Truly one of the most important new artists to pay attention to from Seattle that has emerged into a bigger spotlight this year based on facts is Jiggyjerms. He’s bringing a style to Seattle that’s more familiar on the East Coast, and does it with a prowess as a hard worker. After dropping plenty of singles this year post 2016’s Ride With Me EP, Jerms followed that up with an impressive live performance with the legendary Sleep Steady, and his full length 20 Car Garage, shortly thereafter. 


Who are you? What do you wanna tell the world about yourself?
I’m Jiggyjerms, I am an artist. I just wanna tell people, I’m not gonna lie, being an Asian rapper is looked down upon. At the end of the day I do this shit for myself and it doesn’t matter what you look like or what color your skin is, if you wanna pursue something, do it. If you’re looked down upon in that field, do it. Really I just want people to understand that this vision I have for music is what turned around where I was in life. I stopped abusing so many drugs after one of my friends died, got my head straight and now I’m trying to see what I can do with music. It’s a release. That’s why the album goes from up beat turn up type shit, and transitions into mellow game, ya dig? If you listen all the way through it’s like a story.

What/Who are your main inspirations for making music?
Probably my biggest influence would be Curren$y, honestly because he raps about cars and stuff. You know, the relation is there with cars and stuff like that, but just seeing how chill and laid back and down to earth this guy is has taught me how to stay humble, you know? You see a lot of rappers nowadays and they’re real flashy, and loud and ignorant, but my guy Curren$y, Uncle Spitta is chill about everything. He knows at the end of the day there’s no difference between you and me, we’re all human beings trying to get it the same way.

Who are some producers you work with?
I been doing a lot of work with Anvil, and with Tres Bien. Me and Anvil have been doing a lot of work together, just between me and him we probably have over 20 songs. I’ve only known this guy for like a year, but he’s a really good producer and he’s been mad supportive with everything. Same thing with Tre. Shouts out to him because I remember when all of this started and he had just gotten his Maschine and he didn’t really know how to use it and now he’s getting comfortable with things. So we’ve been working a lot since the get go, me, Tre and Anvil.

Are you affiliated with any artists or crews?
I am not affiliated with any other rappers or any groups or anything, anything that you see is all me. There are people that you see that I work with and stuff like that but at the end of the day we’re all independant artists and we’re all doing this for ourselves. I kinda got caught up in a group early on in my career but I kinda bailed out on that. I thought the name of the group wasn’t a good name for the sound of my music or what my music portrays. It was just a really dark name, the people are cool and everything, but at that point I realized I’m in my own lane, I have my own sound, I’m better off riding solo. That doesn’t mean I’m not down to work with other artists. At the end of the day, I gotta support other people in Seattle that are trying to eat like me. We all start somewhere, I’ve been there before at the bottom. I remember when my Soundcloud would get 5 or 6 plays a day on a song, now I’m getting like 2,000 plays in 24 hours. It’s all baby steps, and all those baby steps lead to a bigger foundation that you’re able to stay solid on.


Who are some artists you wish to work with in the future?
I wanna work with Fauni, UnoTheActivist, $tacy Money, those are all people I listen to. I listen to a lot of East Coast, Atlanta music. Even doing a song with Curren$y would be hella tight. I think right now at this moment, I’d wanna do a song with Xavier Wulf the most. My guy is into the same car scene that I’m in so I feel like we could really rip some shit together.

Is your bitch bad or boujee?
Man, she’s beautiful.

Where does the name Jiggyjerms originate?
At the beginning I said I was doing this shit for me. My names Jeremy, so that’s why “Jerms” is in there because I wanted to keep a part of my real name in my rap name because I’m doing this for me. I don’t know, Jiggy kinda just stuck. Me and my buddies would be talking shit and before we would go smoke we’d be like “you tryna go get jiggy with it real quick?” you know, or you’re at this party and you’re trying to crack this bitch and you and her are tryna go get jiggy with it real quick! So that’s where that came from. Music is cool, you gotta take it seriously, but the jiggy side is the fun side of things.

Your new album is called 20 Car Garage and your last was called Ride With Me. There’s obviously a correlation with cars, where did that come from?
So my Dad picked me up from my Mom’s house in elementary school, and he used to drive this old cadillac and some lady ran a red light and totaled it. It was actually my Grandfather’s car, so my Dad didn’t really have anything to drive so one day he went to work, and on his lunch break went to the BMW dealership and came out with the e38, and he picked me up in it at my Mom’s house. I remember hopping in that car for the first time and looking at the dash and the center piece, and thinking “Damn”. I hate to sound cliche, but you remember when Dom Kennedy was talking about sitting in his Dad’s beamer for the first time? It’s really that feeling. I first sat down in my Dad’s beamer and it changed my life. It changed the way I look at cars and almost like raised the bar for me to have the nicer things in life. He showed me how he went from this old busted Cadillac, to this nice new German car. Anybody can do it.


When Can we expect your next project to drop?
To be completely honest, I’m working on music everyday. Just because the album dropped, doesn’t mean I stopped working on music. I am probably gonna be releasing some stuff next month, I just have to book studio time and stuff like that. I do record some of my own music at home, but I’m not the best with mixing and mastering yet. I like to go to the studio to have that quality sound. You hear music nowadays, and that’s honestly what sets aside artists in my opinion. You can hop on Soundcloud and find a really dope beat but the vocals you can’t really here what they’re saying, it sounds like their voice is in a cup. I feel like having that music that’s nice and clear and crisp grasps the listener more than the music that’s muffeled. So I’m kinda just waiting on that, but hopefully within the next month. I’m sitting on so many songs but I kinda wanna see how this album does before I start putting out new music. I consider myself very versatile, I can make conscious stuff, I can make turn up stuff, but I’m still kinda figuring out what the people want. With me, I feel like the people expect a little bit of both.

Anything Else?
Shouts out to everybody rocking with me, this is just the beginning. I get a lot of love and support from fans, not even just fans but good friends and listeners, so shouts out to them. Without them I wouldn’t be getting no plays and those people are the ones that motivate you to do better. The next song you put out on Soundcloud, or the next album you drop, you wanna impress them even more than your previous drop. Especially my girl, she’s been giving me a lot of experiences to write about too, she’s held me down through all of this. There was times where I thought this album wasn’t gonna get done and she reminded me that I’ve already gotten this far, I gotta keep going.

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