Underground Hype: JUICETHEGOD

By: Carrick Wenke

At first I made the mistake of sleeping on JUICETHEGOD. I had seen his name around connected to Basskids and GV but I never actually took the time to listen to any of his music. However, one day I was on Twitter and the “Make Em Say Remix” video got retweeted on my timeline and I thought “ok I’m gonna stop sleeping and check this guy out”. Wow. Better late than never I guess because I truly believe JUICE is about to be one of the biggest in Seattle in the fourth quarter of 2017 and 2018. Everyone nowadays is on the souljah movement but JUICE deadass could have been in No Limit in 1998. Literally his style has a nice reminiscent of the late 90’s movement with traces of Silkk The Shocker in his vocal approach and No Limit/Cash Money with a modern twist in the production influence. In my opinion JUICE already has a few town classics under his belt so wake up and don’t question him if you ever see him state “FUCK AHH CO-SIGN!”. 


Who are you? What do you wanna tell the world about yourselves?
First off, I’m JUICETHEGOD, West Seattle Stakkteam. If I just had to tell the world about me, don’t sleep on me! Niggas is out here working and trying to put the city on they back and try and get on the right way. Make sure other people and other states see it and that it’s something that we really are. I’m just trying to get some money, I’m trying to get rich!

What/Who are your main inspirations for making music?
The music aspect, really, Lil Wayne because he’s the best, that’s what niggas came up listening to. Inspiration-wise, Meek Mill. I like to see real niggas do real shit, you know, nigga put on his family. Besides the music shit, my Mom, my Grandma, my Sister’s, just trying to make sure everybody is safe and everybody has something they can do in life. I wanna feed my family the best way possible so I’m just out here rapping and trying to get this shit started.

Who are some producers that you work with?
In the city a lot of producers reached out to me, but the only one I fuck with is my nigga Basskids. That’s the only one but, Keyboard reached out to me, and I fuck with Westcoast Cam, and I fuck with my nigga Goldie Sound, but he’s not from here he’s from Columbus, Ohio, outta state. There’s a lot of producers out here that I fuck with but I haven’t got a chance to touch up on there beats because I’ve been kinda focused on myself type shit, you know?

Are you affiliated with any other artists or crews?
Be on the look out for my young niggas that’s about to come up! I been with my young niggas off the lot, L Blood and JJ. My nigga Mackned, he ain’t here right now he’s in Cali, but that’s my nigga. I got a lot of niggas, but I don’t really affiliate with niggas out here I’m just focused on myself and my niggas. I’m tryin to make sure all my niggas eat before I be clickin’ up and being friends with the rest of these niggas, you know?

Who are some artists you wish to work with in the future?
My nigga Soup! That’s my brodie. That and my nigga Kid Jone$. Other than that I’m tryna work with niggas that’s in the big leagues, I got some niggas outta state that’s in the big leagues like Lil Air and King Peno. Me and Ned got some songs coming, other than that I’m not really tryna work with anyone in the town because we’re all on the same shit. I don’t really think that’s gonna help each other, we’re all on the bottom so I’m trying to work with people that’s on the top.


Is your bitch bad or boujee?
Man, I got a couple, it depends which one you’re talking about (laughs). My main is definitely boujee, and she’s definitely bad. I’m not really too into ratchet bitches, I’m into bitches that are bad and want a lot of money!

How did all your work with Basskids start?
We all from the same hood and live in the same area and I only really fuck with authentic people not people who are just doing stuff for clout, and my nigga reached out on some genuine shit. They got their own brand Gold Vintage Clothing that’s kinda just like my sponsors and they’re my brothers so we kinda just grew and have been doing a lot of work together. He’s been producing a lot of my shit that’s gonna be on my new tape that’s gonna come out, so that’s what we’ve done off the music shit.

A lot of your music has a subtle salute to the late 90’s with songs such as “99 Cash Money” and “Make Em Say Ugh Remix”. Was that era super inspirational for you? 
Hell yeah man! I came up listening to that shit with my Mom and my Pops. Niggas was in the streets so that’s what we listened to. I’m from Georgia originally so my music is kinda weird, it’s got a West Coast but Down South vibe, so I try to incorporate it all. That’s just something authentic it’s an era that cannot be duplicated again, so I try and put my twist in style to it. I just bring it back because everybody likes it.

Screen Shot 2017-07-18 at 4.35.56 PM

Do you remember your first experience hearing that music?
Yeah I do actually, I think the first time I heard (Master P’s) “Make Em Say”, I was like 5. I remember that shit so vivid, that used to be my favorite song. I remember before I even did the song I heard the beat and I was just high one day in my room listening to that shit and trying to write something to it and I was like “God damn!! I gotta go crazy on this!”. It brought out hella shit, bro.

When Can we expect your next project to drop?
My next project I think I’m dropping the end of August or the beginning of September. I’m really just trying to wait until my buzz keeps going up. Right now I’m doing shit and people are starting to take notice but I don’t really wanna give too much music until they start supporting like they supposed to. The city be on some bullshit niggas trying to blackball me so I’m never trying to give out too much shit.

Anything else?
Before I get out this bitch I really want this city to be on some “work together” type shit. Niggas don’t need to be in no posse’s or clicked up or none of that but niggas need to stop actuing like superstars and like they’re better than one another. Like I said earlier, we’re all in the same positions and we’re different in some ways, but we all got one main goal, that’s to put the city on. So niggas need to come out they ways and stop being on that superstar shit and work with each other and try and help each other out so we can all get on and we can all eat. Besides the music shit, don’t sleep on me. I’m coming from West Seattle and I’m just trying to put everybody on so people gotta get on the wave because you never know what nigga might have the meal ticket to get everybody outta here! Lastly, to the younger kids, if you have a dream, aspiration, hobby, whatever you do, go hard and put your all into that. Don’t let anybody tell you that you can’t do something or tell you what you can do. You gotta be patient and give it time, that’s how it is with everything that’s just life in general. Just keep grinding with whatever you do, just keep going.

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