Underground Hype: Kay P

Interview By: Carrick Wenke

If you scower Soundcloud like I do, you should have realized by now that Anime, and Manga have played as one of the biggest influences in Underground music for the past few years. While the Anime influence hasn’t fully brushed over to the mainstream yet, there are plenty of artists in the Underground crafting different sounds that take from the Japanese art form. One of my favorite underground artists that does so is Space Dolphin, who recently dropped a track with Kay P, whom I had never heard before. Among hearing the opening bars of “Hentai Goddess” I knew he was my kind of artist and after churning through the rest of his Soundcloud discovered him to be one of my favorite recent finds. Not only is Kay P playing a big show coming up with fellow Underground heavyweight, Endyends, but he is working on an EP with another one of my favorites, Lil Soda Boi.


Who Are You? What Do You Wanna Tell The World About Yourself?

You feel me, it’s ya boy Kay P aka Triple Cup Trill Kay aka Yung Shiva tha GXD BODY, ain’t much for me to say right now because the world will know soon enough who we are. And yes I said we, I have many forms.

What/Who Are Your Main Inspirations For Making Music?

Really my main inspiration comes from my own homies doin’ the same shit as me and the many underground artist I’ve seen come up since I was a young rapping ass nigga. Seeing people that I’ve been listening to since back when they were struggling for a thousand plays blow up is amazing.

Who Are Some Producers That You Work With?

Man I work with mahfuckin everybody haha. I get beats from everywhere I don’t even be knowin who some people are lol. Main producers I’m working with now are mah boy Johnny Gee, GF Retro, 4by4, RXLAND, and captaincrunchbeats just to put out a few names.


Are You Affiliated With Any Artists Or Crews?

I have my own indie label (or at least I wish to start one someday) called Boondock City. The group consist of all my true day 1’s from New Jersey, shout out Seaside Wavy, Holy Ghost, and Penny Moss those the bro’s. Aside from that I fuck wit Retro Mob and Hidden Jewels heavy.

Who Are Some Artists You Wish To Work With In The Future?

Man I’m fuckin wit PlayboiCarti hard right now, Unotheactavist also. I fuck with the whole Awful Records, man. I just like to make fucking music, I’ll work wit the whole god damn world if I could.

Who Is God Blessin’?

All the Weaboos for sure.

You Are About To Be On the Frozen Jewels Show with Endyends, Trey Skies & more. What Has Been Your Best/Favorite Show That You Have Done This Year?

Yo, I did a show with Starfoxlaflare and Goth Money Records in Oakland recently that was actually like my first legit show EVER, everything else I ever really did was open mics and shit. That was an amazing experience honestly it was fucking sick. Still working on footage from that bit for a Vlog.


What are your top 3 Favorite Animes?

Ugh I hate the word favorite but shit, Top 3? Akira, Yu Yu Hakisho, and Samurai Champloo. Had to go and look at my Anime list to figure that out lol.

When Can We Expect Your Next Project To Drop?

I got so much shit in the vault right now bro, I’ma drop a project soon called The Legend Of Shiva which is a straight Zelda tribute pretty much but it got some secret scrolls inside of it. After that I’m trying to focus on this album I’m working on with GF Retro called Weaboo Trash which is pretty epic, everything else i’m keeping a secret for now.


Anything Else?

Uhh YOOO for the fans just know I got some real special shit in the works for everyone right now. New Mixtapes, special features, merch, ALLA DAT!!! it’s coming soon… – Trill Kay


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