Underground Hype: KiD JONE$

Interview: Carrick Wenke

When I first saw Kid Jone$ active video for “I Got It”, and heard the song I knew he was an artist to look out for in 2017. Once I saw him perform the song live not too long later, I became a believer that he’s one of the one’s that really does have it out here, from catchy hooks, to song structure, to bars, to stage presence. Given that he’s been Rapping since a young age of 12, Kid has had plenty of time to work on his craft and perfect it to what he see’s fit before coming into the public eye as of late. One of the unique traits of his talent is his ability to come up with endless songs, which he is exploring in his dropping one song every 2 weeks until June, when he drops a project that will feature another fresh batch of songs. Keep an eye on this one..


Who are you? What do you wanna tell the world about yourself?
Kid Jone$, “S” with a dollar sign. I just wanna tell the world I’m here to make music that everyone can vibe to. It don’t matter if you like Rock, Punk, Country, Pop, RnB, whatever, if you hear my music you’re hearing it for the music not the genre. So I just want the world to know I’m here to keep giving the vibe.

What/Who are your main inspirations for making music?
My older brother for sure, back when I was younger he used to Rap with his bro’s in College in the group Goon Squad. Growing up seeing him rap and stuff, he was my favorite rapper for a minute because he was just filthy, and then I started getting into Royce The Choice. He’s from Seattle too. Big fan of Royce, and GMK the Producer. Those two, just seeing how they work, I been listening to them two since middle school. Seeing the growth and shit, I just wanted to do something like that and now I see Choice on Sway, and Hot 97, so he’s definitely a big inspiration. And Nipsey Hussle, for sure.

Who are some producers you work with?
I worked with GMK. Jay Battle, he goes by Qreepz too. I don’t know what he goes by, but I worked with my bro Junior, he’s a nice producer from out here. Prince Ice. My God Brother, Martellato, he’s real nice with it. My bro King Kani, everybody a lot of different producers.

Are you affiliated with any local artists or crews?
My bro Mo$ and FTB, those are the bros so I guess you could say I’m affiliated with them in a way. And then my bro Talaj and D’nOMys Heru, we’ve got UrBanVeGan, that’s our little click right now. Right now I’m with the White Sound Records, the independant label. And the label I started for myself, Higher ENT., that’s gonna be running forever. I fuck with F.M.L. too, Webb, and Tre Ross and all of them.


Who are some artists (local or non local) you wish to work with in the future?
Local I’d probably say Shawn Parker, he’s filthy. That might be my favorite rapper out of the state right now. I heard a snippet of “Oh Yeah” months ago, and then I heard the full version, and then the tape and I was like “yeah this shit slaps”. Also I wanna do a song with Raz a.s.a.p., I’m tryna set that up. Out of state I wanna do a song with Nip. Lowkey I think it would be cool to do a song with Casey Veggies. I wanna reach out to Dave East management, he’s an artist on the come up in the East.

Is your bitch bad or boujee?
Maaaaan….my bitch a little bit of both! A nice lil’ 50/50 combo.

You recently dropped the video for “I Got It”, which got a nice amount of traction on HNHH. What was the creative direction and process to making that video?
Well that was my first time shooting with Rogue Ego, shout out Dawson and them. They came and shot that video for us. That was also my first time directing a video, so it was a lot of what I thought would look good on camera, and what I thought would look creative and interesting. One shot we went to Gas Works, and I ain’t been to Gas Works since I was like 4 so it was a situation where I was like, “I think it’s filthy, let’s go.” We shot there in a couple spots, and then we did the last shot just in my crib. I never throw no parties because I don’t like that bullshit, people throwing up and shit. Someone threw up right before the video started in my house so it was ugly. But yeah, I really like the direction and stuff. I’m not really one to try and do the most and stuff because my bars and my music is gonna speak louder than anything so I like to keep it that way with the simplicity of my videos. It’s not the most, but it’s filthy as fuck with what it is.

How did you get on the White Sound Records Label?
Back in June I opened for this artist Mark Battles, he came out here to Seattle to Studio 7. My bro who’s now my manager, Matt Simmons, he was there because his bro Niko was performing as well, and they fucked with my set hella tough. Matt came up to me and asked if I could do features for Niko, and he was down to pay me for the features so once I saw that he was about the business I was like “ok, lemme really try and fuck with him”. So I went over to his house and knocked out the songs. I wasn’t surprised they even turned out hella good because Niko is hella good too – that’s my bro, he’s another part of White Sound- he’s nice so when you collab on a song with someone that’s nice it just turns out nice. That happened, and then he contacted me about how he was about to start this label, and right now I have a one year deal so in July we’re gonna see if I’m gonna renew it or be on my own shit. But as of now we’re making moves, went out to D.C. in October, we got this show in February coming up with Nacho Picasso. We’re working on planning this little college tour this spring.


When Can we expect your next project to drop?
At the moment I’m taking an approach where starting January 1st, I’ve been dropping a new song every 2 weeks. That’s like, by the time June comes I’m gonna stop with the every 2 weeks, and probably be M.I.A. for like a month and then in July or August I’ll drop a project. Doing the new song every 2 weeks, by then I’ll have given you a project damn near, so it’s a lot of product. I’m not gonna put any of the songs I released as singles on the tape, it’s all gonna be new music to show folks I’m really out here doing this shit.

Anything Else?
Man, a lot of people hit me that do music and just ask me shit. I been doing it for a minute, since I was like 12, so people that have had me on Facebook and seen me since day 1 to now hit me on some advice shit. So if anyone reading this interview wanna do music, just keep doing your shit don’t let anyone’s hatred or anything stop you. If anything let that fuel you.

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