Underground Hype: L.E.X.

By: Carrick Wenke

The first time I met L.E.X., we bonded over our irrational love for wrestling. This man literally loves the Hardy Boyz as much as I do, and has the charisma and energy of a Hardy Boy, which makes him a star in the making. As soon as I saw the preview for the video work for the (to me) underrated local hit “Wat U Doin???”, where LEX looked just like Bart from 3x Krazy, I was like “Yup this dude needs eyes on him”. After his stellar performance at our last Get Blown, I’m nothing less than ecstatic to see what this Hardy Boy has in store this fall :+)


Who are you? What do you wanna tell the world about yourself?
I am L.E.X. and I’m just here to tell the world a story about a kid from Mississippi trying to make it and trying to give you game, you know? On your everyday struggles and shit.

What/who are your main inspirations for making music?
Man this is a good one. Ludacris. Nelly, Nellyville was fucking tough. Scarface, is one of them. DJ Quik. I’m going to throw in Erykah Badu.

Who are some producers that you work with?
I work with a dude named Sky High, a dude named Chronic. 0-5-0, that’s his name. A dude named Bluff Gawd, and a dude named Mark Cash.

Are you affiliated with any other artists or crews?
My cousin is Perry (Porter), he helps me out a lot him and Adbi. They help me out getting me branding and my style and just helping me out around here. Another artist named Rick Blue, he tells me industry wise what I should be looking at and gives me game, like how to really maneuver and how to get where I wanna be. Them three, Perry, Adbi, and Rick Blue.

Who are some artists you wish to work with in the future? 
(Gifted) Gab, I really like her. And I wanna work with Travis. I feel like me and Travis could do some dope ass fun ass shit.


Is your bitch bad or boujee?
Aww man, cookin’ up dope with the uzi?? By that answer, yeah. Yes, yes, she’s not getting left off bad n boujee. Well, if I had a girlfriend, of course, she’s not getting left off. You can tell.

Who are your top 3 favorite wrestlers? 
Ok top 3? Shawn Michaels is 1. How that negro just, his style and charisma. I see how people talk about how Ric Flair was, but I wasn’t growing up living on Ric Flair. Shawn Michaels? Yeah. Shawn Michaels is 1. Jeff Hardy, because how Jeff – can I put 2 in number 2? We gonna say Jeff and Rob Van Dam, because how those two alone showed me don’t be scared to go for it, just do it. They showed me no matter how crazy it was, just do it. How their attitude was and how crazy they were in the ring and their agility? They were scared to go how high, and I looked at that like a career like what do you wanna do in this world? 3 would have to be Chris Jericho. I put Jericho there just because he stayed innovative at all times. He always had something going on at all times, even when he was a heel. He was tight. Like “you can’t really hate me” too much. That’s top 3 right there.

What’s it like being from Mississippi and coming to Seattle to do music?
It’s a real eye opener. I’m from the back roads of Mississippi, so there’s really nothing. It’s how people would talk about Spanaway, there’s nothing there. You can dream there but your dreaming stops once you get outta high school. Once you get outta high school, people start talking about how you need to get a job. I loved it but there’s so many dreams and talent people had that just got wasted on B.S.. We ain’t got nothing. Moving from there to here was an eye opener because of oppoutunity. Everyone is accepting of styles and genres and people are really open here, so that’s one of the main eye openers when I came out here.


When can we expect your next project to drop?
Well I got a single dropping on my birthday, Friday the 15th.  The title is gonna be called “Nate Dogg”, it not a tribute to Nate Dogg, but I said his song in one of the lines and it feels good so. I didn’t know what to title it but I been really feeling of calling it “Nate Dogg” because it’s really been reminding me of him. That’s produced by the homie K Da Great.

Anything Else?
Follow your dreams. Fuck anybody that says you can’t do it, you got it. Fuck anybody else. People are just lazy. Just stay focused man, stay on your shit. Just because you’re going through your dreams  doesn’t mean you gotta forget your social life. Don’t let the job system catch you!


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